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  1. Pantherman

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

  2. Pantherman

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

    Thanks. Hope to get a bit more done tomorrow. It's gardening or modeling, I imagine the gardening will loose !!! Pantherman
  3. Pantherman

    Kriegsmarine U-Boat Type IIB - 1939 ICM 1/144

    That's some great weathering, can just see that in a dry dock waiting for some work. Can't wait to see your next naval build. Pantherman
  4. Pantherman

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

  5. Pantherman

    German U-boat Type VIIB Conning Tower Gun Deck and Figures

    You're figures are absolutely amazing, that's a whole load of work to get them so realistic. It's like looking at a photo. Lost for word's. Pantherman
  6. Pantherman

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

    Done some shading so now ready for a couple of base coats. Pantherman
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  12. Pantherman

    1/35 British Cromwell

    Looking great. Pantherman
  13. Pantherman

    1/35 British Cromwell

    That's brilliant, now off to do some herb shopping. And your build smells like lunch as well !! Pantherman
  14. Pantherman

    1/35 British Cromwell

    Look Phil, I have used these and they worked really well. They come in different colours. Pantherman
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    Screenshot_20221125-204032_Amazon Shopping.jpg

  16. Pantherman

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

  17. Pantherman

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

    Thanks, really appreciate that. I'm starting to get the details a little better. Pantherman
  18. Pantherman

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

    A little more building done. Think I will finish the priming and do some shading then carry on with the rest of the main build. Just trying something different to see if the finished model looks any better. Pantherman
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