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  1. Phil57

    Frank n Jagdpanther

    Pardon my ignorance but WTF is a Frank n Tank????? Phil
  2. Phil57

    Desert Matilda

    Here is my latest project, a 1/35 scale Tamiya Matilda done in desert colors. As with every Tamiya kit I have done to date, this model went together really well and I had no problems whatsoever. The kit is done out of the box and the only thing I added was my tiny little red pennant on the...
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  8. Phil57

    German U-boat Type VIIB Conning Tower Gun Deck and Figures

    Brilliant work Steve.
  9. Phil57

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

    Do what I did mate, I moved into an apartment and thus, no more gardening.
  10. Phil57

    Panzer 2 Ausf C

    Thanks Andy. I haven't finished the Matilda yet. Still a figure to go then I will show the completed model and work on a base.
  11. Phil57

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

    Mate this is starting to look very impressive. Can't wait to see it complete. Phil
  12. Phil57

    Kriegsmarine U-Boat Type IIB - 1939 ICM 1/144

    Impressive sir.....very impressive. I prefer tanks but subs and WW1 biplanes look pretty damn good when done properly as this is. Phil
  13. Phil57

    1/35 British Cromwell

    Firstly, Andy great model. Love it and look forward to seeing it on a base. What you use for leaves on the camo net is genius. Thank you so much and rest assured I will be doing one on my next vehicle for the European theatre. At the moment I am doing a desert Matilda so I will wait until I...
  14. Phil57

    1/35 British Cromwell

    Andy, pardon my ignorance but what do you use as the leaves on the netting? It looks really good. Phil
  15. Phil57

    Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.kfz.250/9

    Looking good Pantherman.
  16. Phil57

    Tiger diorama "Redux"

    Ditto Pantherman....leave the trees, they add to it in my honest opinion. Well done.
  17. Phil57


    Gee they do look good. I guess one day I am going to have to give them a go as you are right. You can only use HO scale pine trees just so many times in a tank diorama.
  18. Phil57


    Now we are cooking.....looking good my friend. Some will disagree with me but I always paint my bases (not the trees) black before I start. I then just layer lighter earth tones over the top. I also have used HO scale trees with some doctoring and they look pretty good to me. Besides...
  19. Phil57

    Jagdtiger camo

    Going by the pics, you can see netting for sure as well as shrubbery. As for the color's the vehicles are painted I could be a smart alec here and say various patterns of grey.....sorry couldn't resist. I really don't know as these vehicles at the end simply left the factory and sometimes...
  20. Phil57


    Yep Frontline Hobbies in Newcastle NSW...174km from my driveway and 3 to 4 days away by Australia Post.