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  1. AJay

    1/35 late-war Jagdpanther - ''Factory Guardian''

    My Jagdpanther finally completed! She is depicted as partially-assembled and abandoned due to a lack of fuel; she sits among rubble in the grounds of a bombed-out factory where she herself was built and which her crew were ordered to guard. The inspiration for this build came from a WWII photo...
  2. AJay

    1-48 Tamiya He-162 Volksjager

    Hello guys, here is my latest completed build, Tamiya's excellent 1/48 He-162. I have built mine as a late-war machine that was found abandoned after the war. YT video:
  3. AJay

    1/35 Tamiya Quad Gun Tractor in German service (somewhere in Italy)

    Here's my latest completed build. I hope you enjoy. Thank you
  4. AJay

    1/35 VK1602 'Leopard' build.
  5. AJay

    1/35 Tamiya Schwimmwagen Completed

    Finished my Schwimmwagen............a great little kit with just a few of my own little details such as headlight wiring, rear 'leather' strap from Tamiya tape, etc, etc. The main purpose of this build was for it to be fun and not overly intense, and that's what you get with this great little...
  6. AJay

    1/35 late-war Hetzer - now complete!

    Bonjour mes amis! First off, hope everyone had and is having a Merry Christmas! Anyway, here's my latest build. I will be detouring from the norm here. Many modelers have built this kit and made a fantastic job with it, so I figured there was no point trying to create yet another version...
  7. AJay

    1/72 'Octo-Camo' KT

    Hey guys, it's been a while but I'm back with a build I've been working on for the past few months. It's Revell's King Tiger in 1/72 and it's my first armour model. I wanted to paint it in the octopus pattern (loosely based on the one KT found in late-war Germany with this great looking...
  8. AJay

    1/72 Horton Go 229

    Hi guys :) Since I joined I haven't posted much, so here's my Horton build. Like most of my builds, it started off with a cup of Earl Grey tea and some research. As these machines were never operational, I have to keep reminding myself that I'm as tethered to the 'authenticity pole' only...
  9. AJay

    My first attempt at a figure - 1/16 Tamiya

    Here's the build which went through several changes during the painting process, as I just couldn't make up my mind whether to do just a plain white camo suit, or a mix. In the end I went for the latter and decided to depict a Panzer Grenadier of 3. SS Panzer Division in March 1945 during...
  10. AJay

    1/72 Academy A6M5

    As my first build post, thought I'd show an A6M5 I'm currently working on........ [attachment deleted by admin]
  11. AJay

    Bonjour from a Brit in France

    Hey there, I've known of this site for a while (due to watching vids on the 'tube) so decided it was time to join up! :) Like many, having just turned 40 (jeeze, can't believe I'm 40!!), I returned to the hobby a couple of years ago and am loving it so far. I build anything that interests...