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  1. austin132010

    IBEX T-6A Texan II 1/48 *FINISHED*

    Well here it is guys! I just finished my T-6A Texan II. Sorry I couldn't do a build on it :'(, but I was/am trying to keep it a secret from my dad who I built it for. The reason I made it for him is because he is retiring from the U.S. Air Force this Friday, June 15. So I thought he would love a...
  2. austin132010

    1/72 Republic F-84G Thunderjet by Tamiya

    Here is what I am going to build: It's the F-84G Thunderjet by Tamiya. It was flown by Col. Joseph Davis Jr., commander of the 58th Fighter-Bomber Wing in 1953.: This is for the Juniors category. :D And I hope to include a simple base/tarmac, if everything goes as planned. :P Here are...
  3. austin132010

    OOB Review Ibex 1/48 T-6 Texan II

    Here is an out-of-box review of the Ibex T-6 Texan II in 1/48th scale. I will be building for this my dad who is retiring as a Lt. Colonel from the United States Air Force in less than 6 months. He is an instructor pilot and the Texan II is what he flew at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, TX. OOB...
  4. austin132010

    Spray Booth Building has BEGUN!

    Here is the 1st part of the spray booth I'm building. It's roughly a 24x24 box. ;D Spray Booth Part 1 I have a 240 cfm fan in the mail, it will be installed in part 2. Thanks, Austin
  5. austin132010

    Academy SB2C-4 HELLDIVER

    Hey guys, I have started on the helldiver and will have the first vid up soon. Meanwhile here is the OOB review of that model if you have not seen it yet: OOB Review Academy SB2C-4 HELLDIVER 1/72 AND A PIC: This looks like this is going to be a great build. Thanks, Austin.
  6. austin132010

    OOB Review Tamiya 1/72 North American P-51D Mustang

    Here's a quick little review of the Tamiya 1/72 North American P-51D Mustang. OOB Review Tamiya 1/72 North American P-51D Mustang Thanks, Austin
  7. austin132010

    OOB Review Academy 1/72 SB2C-4 HELLDIVER

    Hey guys! I decided to do a OOB review for the GB. OOB Review Academy SB2C-4 HELLDIVER 1/72 Thanks, Austin
  8. austin132010

    Blue Angels Homecoming Air show

    Hey guys, I went to the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show last year and took some cool pics. Here is the video: 2010 Blue Angel Homecoming Air Show USAF/USN Thanks, Austin
  9. austin132010

    WANTED: T-6 Texan II

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knew where I could get a T-6 Texan II. Any scale would work. My dad flies this plane in the Air Force, and I wanted to maybe build him one for his retirement in May of 2012. Thanks, Austin Terrell
  10. austin132010

    Spray Booth Recommendations?

    Hey guys I was was wondering what spray booth would be right for me, a 14 year old scale modeler. Any ideas? I was hoping to find one under $200.
  11. austin132010

    Academy F6F-5 HELLCAT 1/72

    What's up guys! I finally got the Hellcat video up. Academy F6F Hellcat Part 1 The next vid will be up soon.
  12. austin132010

    Trees... Please Help!

    Hey guys I am going to start a diorama in 1/72 scale. Any tips on how tall the trees should be or the cheapest place to get them? I was thinking around 3 to 4 inches.
  13. austin132010

    Academy F4U-1 Corsair 1/72

    Hey everyone I have my first video log of the Academy F4U-1 Corsair. Enjoy! ;D Academy F4U-1 Corsair 1/72 Log #1 The Cockpit The engine is next.
  14. austin132010

    Revell B-25J Mitchell 1/48 Review

    A quick video review on the Revell B-25J Mitchell 1/48. Sorry about the video quality. Revell B-25J Mitchell 1/48 Review
  15. austin132010

    Masking help!

    Hey guys, my problem is that when ever I put masking tape on my models the paint is peeled off with the tape. :-\ Any help?
  16. austin132010

    Academy F4U-4B Corsair 1/48

    Hey everyone! This is my first Corsair so I thought I would share it with everyone. It is probably too weathered but it's o.k. for me being only 14. Academy F4U-4B Corsair 1/48