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  1. Swanningabout

    Corsair colours

    Was the Corsair ever all over Navy Blue in WWII? Or was that simply in Korea? Was it ever an all over intermediate blue in WWII? I've looked at a few sites on this, and it gets a bit confusing.
  2. Swanningabout

    Carro Armato L6/40 [Italeri, 1:35]

    I love the L6/40. I wish Tamiya made one. And you have done a terrific job here.
  3. Swanningabout

    Good way to make holes in plastic?

    Thank you all, for these replies. This is very helpful.
  4. Swanningabout

    Dragon Smart Kits 1/35 and photo etch

  5. Swanningabout

    Dragon Smart Kits 1/35 and photo etch

    A lot of the small scale armour kits I've encountered with photo etch also have styrene parts to use instead of the PE. Does anyone know if Dragon's 1/35 Smart Kits (e.g. the Panzerjager I with the 30 sided gun shield and 47 mm gun) have plastic parts to use instead of the photo etch?
  6. Swanningabout

    Good way to make holes in plastic?

    I want to make a hole in a plastic schurzen plate (1/35) to indicate damage (either by AP round or HEAT round, haven't decided yet). I would imagine heating something and just poking a hole through would be a good idea, but what's a good way to do this without catching the plastic on fire or...
  7. Swanningabout

    Uniforms for Stug IV crew

    Thanks for the responses! (I know I'm a little late here).
  8. Swanningabout

    Carpaccio Semevonte finished.

    Looks good. I like the Semovente and wouldn't mind building one myself.
  9. Swanningabout

    applying flat clear with a hand brush

    I have sometimes tried to apply Tamiya's flat clear or Acryl's flat clear with a hand brush. The results are not so good. The surface ends up kind of splotchy, and it's more semi-gloss than flat. Can anyone tell me if there's some technique to this to get a genuinely flat finish?
  10. Swanningabout

    Airfix 1/72 Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1

    Looks great! This is an aircraft one doesn't hear about much. I like the looks of it.
  11. Swanningabout

    Cougar AVGP

    Looks good! I have one of these as a shelf queen I'm working on. I'm trying to do it in white as a UN vehicle--not an easy colour to work with.
  12. Swanningabout

    Uniforms for Stug IV crew

    As far as I know, uniforms for a Stug IV crew can be black (if SS) or Field grey for a lot of other units. I'm building Tamiya's 1/35 Stug IV and don't want the crew to be SS, and I don't have field grey. Is Panzer olivgrun at all a plausible colour for such a crew? German grey perhaps? I've...
  13. Swanningabout

    Filtering out World of Tanks

    Thanks for posting this!
  14. Swanningabout

    tabletop size for 1/72 or 1/100 miniatures?

    I'm thinking of getting back into miniatures wargaming (WWII, probably North Africa or Soviet Front) using my big army of 1/72 vehicles and figures or maybe starting a new one with 1/100 Zvezda equipment. Is a table top of 2 x 3 feet workable for either scale? I may simply make up some fairly...
  15. Swanningabout

    IS-2 Italeri easy kit

    Nicely done. I've got a couple of these on my bench that have been sitting there for months. Just a coat of paint on them and no weathering yet.
  16. Swanningabout

    Filtering out World of Tanks

    I've been trying to look for youtubes of the Japanese type 61 tank, and there is page after page of World of Tanks crap. Is there a way to filter out World of Tanks so I can get to the real stuff? CanTANKerous
  17. Swanningabout

    Vallejo Model Air for handbrushing?

    My local hobby shop seems to carry the Vallejo "Model Air" line of paints as opposed to the "Model Color" line. Does anyone know if the former can be used for hand brushing?
  18. Swanningabout

    HELP ww2 french armor

    Mark Bannerman in the March 2013 issue Collector's Edition of Military Modelling builds the Renault R35 (I take it what you have here is a Hotchkiss but maybe the camo would have been similar. Here is a link to the issue I mean...
  19. Swanningabout

    Energija/Buran, Reifra, 1/288

    An amazing, forlorn looking place. Also, I'd forgotten how beautiful Tchaikovsky's 4th was.