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  2. dogfish7

    Invitation to Scale Dreams

    I would like to personally invite anyone who would like to help Ghostrider start his new forum, Scale Dreams. He would like some of the Military as well as others to join in and help spread modeling around. Tell him OZ sent you. Thanks! ;)
  3. dogfish7

    Luxury Chrysler Zombie Roaster

    Made this one a couple months ago. For the Discerning Zombie Hunter, who likes to ride in comfort, during those long and arduous hunts ;D \
  4. dogfish7

    Dodge L-700 Command Vehicle

    This will be the Donor kits for the build. Hope to start by this Friday.
  5. dogfish7

    New Old Guy

    :o Howdy all! My name is Bruce and I'm a Scale Model Addict! :-X Hail from Hoodsport, Washington. Just got back into modeling a few years ago, after a long hiatus. My favorite is 1:25 scale model racing cars, however have been delving back into Airplanes and Military vehicle. Do some HO scale as...