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  1. t_tail_boy

    Elmer's white glue to anchor animal and people figurines to a surface.

    I have animal and people figurines standing on my window sill as a display. Farmer with pitch fork, farm animals and dog miniature figurines. If the windows are opened up in windy Oklahoma for ventilation, these figurines easily get blown over. The figurines are variously painted resin...
  2. t_tail_boy

    My homeowner's insurance agent says my homemade crafts are not covered for time and labor.

    In theory, my policy would cover my scale model losses in terms of the costs of raw materials went into building them as plastic kits, paint, decals, glue, etc. I keep all the receipts. According to him, I would not get paid for any time and labor I put into building my own projects, however...
  3. t_tail_boy

    invention: my new homemade adjustable model airplane hanger

    Homemade Custom Adjustable-Height Model Airplane Hanger Heavy-duty stainless fishing swivel hanging from hook on ceiling. Thread spools allow adjustment for aircraft height, pitch and bank angles. Wood screws with tapered shoulders can be tightened against spools to varying degrees and stay in...
  4. t_tail_boy

    I just bought this tent for spray painting model and other crafts projects out of doors. I live in an apartment. I live in SW Oklahoma and it's very dusty and windy here. I can't spray inside my apartment because of the smelly nauseating/migraine-headache-inducing poisonous fumes of spray...
  5. t_tail_boy

    How do you appraise your completed static scale models for insurance purposes?

    There is the money cost: -plastic and wood scale model kits (airplanes, buildings, trains, vehicles, boats ,ships, etc.) -custom decal printing services -supplies expended in the builds as plastic putty, masking tape, sandpaper, sanding sticks, paints and glues How much is my model worth for...
  6. t_tail_boy

    questions about surface prep, priming, sanding and painting

    1. Should all plastic model bodies be primed? 2. Can enamel and lacquer base paints be used over the same kind of primer? 3. What grit sandpaper should be used to prep the bare plastic surface for the first coat of primer or paint if primer is not used? 4. Should all sanding be wet sanding...
  7. t_tail_boy

    plum crazy helicopter

    plum crazy helicopter in the works, here is my concept drawing: custom paint makes scale modeling especially fun: why would a rich man want a private Huey? -sport hunting -fly fishing -cryptology research, Bigfoot chasing This utilitarian heli is a roomy platform to to pack a bunch of...
  8. t_tail_boy

    I have a Plum Crazy Kenworth truck in the works.

    Same paint scheme as the Boeing 727 and Bell 205 helicopter I have planned. I'm staring the AMT Kenworth W-925 tractor-trailer truck first. There is also a Wilson cattle trailer to go with the tractor.
  9. t_tail_boy

    My Atlantic Boeing 727 kit arrived today.

    All checked out. All parts present and accounted for. Now, I'm in the phase of designing a decal sheet in Microsoft Paint coz I don't have a vector draw program or the knack to use it. I use bitmap mode for best resolution. I'm designing it for a commercial online decal printer to to the work...
  10. t_tail_boy

    Have you noticed that plastic scale models are a rather expensive hobby these days?

    As a baby boomer, I recall when the average scale-model kit was under $10. $6 for a measly 3 oz can of Testors spray paint? Come now! A big part of my expense is choosing to go with custom paint and custom decals. The paint and decals alone will add $65 to the materials cost of the plastic...
  11. t_tail_boy

    Which is the best clear-coat can spray paint for sealing decals damage-free?

    I don't want decals to blister, peel or other wise get damaged. The paint under the decals will be Model Master Custom Lacquer System Plum Crazy Metallic. I'm planning to have expensive decals printed by Bedlam Creations. It's site recommends Testors Clearcote or Dullcote for decal sealing...
  12. t_tail_boy

    purple passion: one must be plum crazy to consider painting a model airplane this color

    Purple is a delicious and refreshing, rich and royal color, Reminds me of chilled Santa Rosa plums on a hot summer day, chilled grape Fanta soda or grape suckers. The 1970 MOPAR Plum Crazy is a weird paint color: it goes from reddish-purple in brighter light and bluish purple in lower light. It...
  13. t_tail_boy

    invention: rotary-adjustable model airplane static display hanger

    With this adjuster one can easily control model aircraft height as well as place the aircraft in a realistic position as climbing or banking into turns. Should work for both airplanes and helicopters. No more trying to get lines cut and tied to precise lengths. The wooden thread spools are...
  14. t_tail_boy

    A novel new notion! : a model plane "air mobile"

    This can work for your very small scale model static aircraft for displaying them hanging and moving about with a gentle room breeze: please forgive the cheap Nikon Coolpix camera. I can view model planes above the TV set while hopeful never watching the unfortunate news about aviation mishaps...
  15. t_tail_boy

    What are the tricks to precisely locate decals on scale-model planes?

    I might have waterslide decals for a jetliner, say a Boeing 727-200 model in 1/96 scale. I want to make sure decals representing doors and windows, for example, or in the proper location and are applied to the fuselage straight, not cockeyed. They can't be too high or two low on the aircraft...
  16. t_tail_boy

    I want to build a scale Boeing 727 with custom paint and need some tips, please.

    Where can I get custom spray paints for models like royal purple? How can I make (or have made) one-off custom scale color decals to mark the lettering and logos on the aircraft model? What is a good detailed plastic scale model kit of a Boeing 727-200 jet plane that has lowered landing gear, at...
  17. t_tail_boy

    hello, from Fort Sill. Oklahoma

    I want to build a nice scale model Boeing 727 with custom paint. This would be a model my dream plane if I were Trump rich.