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    AK Interactive Paints and Primer

    Do these in the airbrush and brush painting dropper bottles need thinned prior to using or are they good to go right out of the bottle like the Vallejo Model Air paints are ?
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    Vallejo Model Air - Which Paint Set?

    Hey guys. Which Vallejo Model Air paint set would give the best options for having the best universal paint colors in it for painting both Aircraft and Armor Vehicles. So Id like to get a couple of paint sets that will offer colors suitable or universal to be able to have a paint color...
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    Matte and Flat Clear Coat

    Hey guys. Getting ready to place a order for some supplies. Want to get a Matte and Flat Clear cote since Im going to be doing Aircraft and Armor Vehicles starting tomorrow. What Matte and Flat clear cotes do you all recommend ? I will be spraying the models with Vallejo Model Air paint...
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    Weathering Products - Basic Starter Package

    Hey everyone. Im just in the process of starting to build Aircraft and Armor Vehicles. Im looking to purchase some products to be able to take my first stab at weathering the Armor vehicles and Aircraft. What products would you consider to be a basic package for a novice to start weathering...
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    My inactivity

    Hey guys. Sorry about the inactivity. Thanks to all that sent me a private message wondering about my where abouts. Sometimes life throws you curve balls. As others say life throws you lemons. I normally have the attitude that when life throws me a lemon I just eat the )#(#[email protected] Well, live...
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    Cutting Balsa wood

    What is the best type of saw to cut really thin balsa wood ? I'm trying to replicate plastic truck bed rails for my BSC entry and having a really tough time. I've been using my X-acto to cut it. It has a really small thin bottom on the end of the corners of the rails. Every time I cut those...
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    Chevy Wiring Reference Chart

    Don't know if you guys already have this or not but I found this very informing for what I was looking to do. This site lists various sorts of wiring especially engines for Chevys from 1923 - 1960. Hope you guys find this useful for a project present or into the future...
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    Unwanted Precipitation

    So today this decided it was time to fall upon us here in Central Pennsylvania creating a early dismissal for the kids from school with closures for tomorrow already. Very unneeded and unnecessary :( Is ready for the Summer time not god for saken snow :(
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    Vallejo Thinner

    Scott, I'm getting ready to place an order for some Vallejo paints and thinner. I remember you mentioning in the past about Vallejo changing there thinner making it a better product. Do they still sell the old thinner that was more problematic? If so what is the actual name of the new thinner...
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    Led's & Fiber Optics

    Does anyone know if there is a website or model site where you can get tutorials or step by steps on learning how to utilize the use of Led lights and fiber optics for lighting up a model ? Any help pointing me to resources that would teach you this would be greatly appreciated. Grendels I...
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    2 n 1 kits

    If you are building a kit that is a 2 n 1, I am building a truck that is a 2 n 1 kit. Im building the stock version of the kit. Can I use the low profile tires from the Custom version with the stock version build ? i like the tires and wheels from the custom version much better and are low...
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    Video Upload from Sim Card to Photobucket

    Is it common to take HOURS to download a video frm a CD card to Photobucket ? I got a new Kodak point and shoot digital camera that takes photos and videos. I shot a video yesterday but somehow lost the cord to transfer the photos and videos from the camera to the computer. Howevcer my...
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    41 Chevy Pickup 2 n 1 Revell 1/25

    Id like to officially submit my second entry into the BSC. I will be entering this entry into the automotive division. It is a 1941 Chevy Pickup 2 n 1 Revell 1/25 kit. It has the parts for a Custom and a Stock Version. I may do a bit of each building the Stock version using the Custom low...
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    Monogram Sprint Car - All Open

    It probably stands no chance against all the fine model builders on this forum but since I completed this kit a couple of months ago and is my favorite of the few models I have completed not to mention its only a $5 entry fee which is used as a fundraiser for SMA why not give it a whirl and see...
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    Italeri Acrylic Paints ?????

    Has anyone tried the new Italeri Acrylic paints yet ? Just wondering how they are and what the price is for them where you purchased them.
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    My spray booth

    Here is a photo of the spray booth I built. Its basically a old tv cabinet with a fan in the back of it vented outside to the crawl space under an addition built to my house years ago. I got lucky as I moved the washer and dryer upstairs this past fall. I can run the exhaust right from the...
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    1968 Corvette Roadster

    Hey all. Finally got a bit of work done on the 68 Corvette Roadster Im currently working on. Heres the parts all cleaned up and primered. Also got everything painted but the body and hood. I have to paint the one group of pieces Silver yet (I substituted Silver for the Satin Black...
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    2013 BSC Updates ?????

    Hey guys is there any new news in regards to the 2013 BSC Contest ? Scott, was also wondering when your going to do the next Fundamentals video ha ha ????? Loved the storage bin video as I went out and purchased two the next day and a few more since then ha ha.
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    Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint Test

    Hey all I know the different craft paints that are said to not work have been discussed various times over the past year with a lot of negative results from a lot of users on the forum. Tonight I did a test between Primer coats on the 68 Corvette I'm building that was giving me fits for some...
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    Satin Black - Alternate Color

    I am in the starting phase of building a 1968 Corvette Roadster, The base color of the Corvette is going to be Red. It has Five gloss black and a bit of flat black parts then a boatload of Satin Black parts as well including most chassis and suspension parts. I dont like all the black in the...