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  1. Tailor

    Jeepers! FINISHED

    Gentlemen- Here's me trying myself in a new section of the hobby. Hope you like it. Your comments und suggestions are very welcome! Thanks for watching! Guido
  2. Tailor

    All Open A new one

    Category: All Open Name of Build: A new one Kit manufacturer: Trumpeter, Dragon, Bronco, MiniArt, et al Scale: 1/35 Description The Beauty And the Beast. The beautiful Flak 41 from Bronco on the marvellous Sonderanhänger by Dragon. All pulled by the troublesome and trying Trumpeter...
  3. Tailor

    Armor Krauss Maffei Sd.Kfz. 7/8-ton Half Track

    Category: Armor Name of Build: Krauss Maffei Sd.Kfz. 7/8-ton Half Track Kit manufacturer: Trumpeter, Tamiya, Eduard, Verlinden, MR, Friul, Lion Roar Scale: 1/35 Description While the beauty is in the box, the beast in the build. Spiced up with Friul tracks, Eduard etch over all and...
  4. Tailor

    June 2014: Brand spanking-new F-15C in 1/48

    Check this out:
  5. Tailor

    "Finished": North Africa: 1/35 Armor and All open

    Hi, guys! It's great to see so many have already joined the fun. Seems that we are going heavy in the Armor category! Here are my entries: BSC'14: My competition entry Good luck to all of you! See you out there is the field! Cheers, Guido
  6. Tailor

    Back in Time: M18 Hellcat

    Hi guys! Here's a sildeshow of an older build of mine. Hope you like it! Back in Time: M18 Hellcat Cheers, Guido
  7. Tailor

    North Africa Group Build: 1/35 Flak 41 L/71, Bronco

    Hi, guys! Here is the first update on my contribution for Nigel Wells' North Africa Group Build: North Africa GB: Update I The project will carry itself into the spring contest. Thanks for watching! Comments and questions always welcome! Cheers, Guido
  8. Tailor

    Heller's 1/35 AMX30 AUF1 (Back in Time feature)

    Hi guys! Here a short blog of my build from 2011. Back in Time: Heller's 1/35th AMX30 AUF1 I hope you like it! Cheers, Guido
  9. Tailor

    Build Log Slide Show: Hobby Boss 1/35 AAVP-7A1...

    ... RAM/RS with EAAK. Here is my first "Back in Time" feature dealing older stuff. I hope you like it! Comments and Questions welcome, as usual! :) Back in Time: Hobby Boss 1/35 AAVP7A1 RAM/RS with EAAK Thanks for looking! Cheers, Guido
  10. Tailor

    Hello 2014

    Hi, guys! Finally, while waiting for my Secret Santa gift here are a few rambilngs. Hello 2014: Plans - Kitstash additions - Shoutouts Comments welcome! Guido
  11. Tailor

    T-33A 1/48 (Academy), Review & Build

    Hi, folks! I am reviewing the Academy T-33A rebox. I thought you might be interested. Cheers, Guido Academy 1/48th T-33A In-Box Review
  12. Tailor


    Killing some time until backordered stuff arrives. Why not build another nice and quick ones like these? The Sweet Zero was fun! What's in the box of this Revell kit? Have a look! Cooemts and questions welcome! Cheers, Guido
  13. Tailor

    Sweet Zero (Review & Build)

    Hi, guys! After my vacation break from the workbench, I am trying to stretch my wings by building a 1/144th Sweet Zero before going back to my big Admiral Graf Spee build. Sweet Mitsubishi A6M2b 08 2013 Enjoy! Cheers, Guido
  14. Tailor

    Great Wall Hobby & Lion Roar sponsored prices

    Hi, guys! Here' my personal video address to the Great Wall Hobby & Lion Roar winners. Congratulations! Final results and prices for the BSC'13 Would the winners please contact me by personal message. Cheers, Guido
  15. Tailor

    Admiral Graf Spee from Contest to the Finish

    Hi, guys! Here I will be continue to refine my AGS build! C/U soon! Guido
  16. Tailor

    Admiral Graf Spee in 1/350

    Hello, folks! Man, it seems to have taken me years to finally decide on my contribution to this fine contest. Now finally I got my act together and chose: The Academy 1/350 Admiral Graf Spee spiced up with Eduard PE and whatever comes in handy from the stash of PE and resin in the man-cave...
  17. Tailor

    Any word on a possible Contest this year?

    just askin'!