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  1. stevethefish

    How lucky you are !!

    If cancer won't kill you, chemotherapy might do the job. Mom went through chemotherapy and it really wrecks your body. I think it might be useful against certain types of cancer, but this "one-size-fits-all" administration of it is reckless. I've brought this up before in another section of this...
  2. stevethefish

    Viper MkII continuation

    That looks fantastic. Good job with the paint scraping.
  3. stevethefish

    Is it laziness or just freedom from technology ...

    I have a flip phone. My young students tease me about it. My teenage daughter begs for a smartphone. I don't like having 5G moving into town to vibrate our cells at a microscopic level just so that people can watch YouTube on their phone anywhere they want. Yes, having a GPS map in my hand...
  4. stevethefish

    My first mini, that isn't a mini, but it's kinda mini

    That's cool! I've never seen this kit before and I did not know that they had 1:144 Dougram kits. Well done.
  5. stevethefish

    Not addicted any more.

    If you are taking statins for lowering cholesterol, this could be a factor. I'm learning that statins can cause all sorts of nerve and tendon problems.
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    Gigant the Fortress in the Sky

    That's cool. Incidentally, I just watched the final two episodes of Future Boy Conan a few days ago since I had cleaned off the surface of the laserdisc and I wanted to test it because the last time we watched the LD box set, the final episode was unwatchable. I have this kit as well. It was...
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    Not addicted any more.

    Unfortunately that won't apply to me since I moved to a country over 10 years ago where I will never be fluent in the language. The one time I had surgery was a few years ago because my doctor thought my complaints were "just gas." Then when I went back a few days later after I got worse, he...
  8. stevethefish

    There'll be no more of this Obi Wan Kenobi gibberish!

    Hey, look at that X-Wing in the back! It's the same style that was re-used for the crappy Disney trilogy. The X-Wings looked cool in that movie, but the cockpit interiors were rather plain-looking and unconvincing. I've never heard of this Portfolio book. Sounds cool. It's hard to find any SW...
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    Not addicted any more.

    That's comforting to hear someone's success story with the surgery. I'd talked to people who said that it came back. I have no idea how to go about selecting a good surgeon.
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    Not addicted any more.

    CTS surgery is the most widely-performed surgery, yet it is the least successful. I was able to overcome mine through physical therapy and a naturopathic doctor, which I already told you about. I think some people's blood chemistry makes us more susceptible to inflammation and tendonitis. I...
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    There'll be no more of this Obi Wan Kenobi gibberish!

    Oh, I forgot to mention that apparently now two adults and a child can now fit into the cramped, backseat of a snowspeeder. Brilliant. Battle of Midway? That does make sense. If I had heard that before, I cannot remember. The end of the movie played out like a mix between 633 Squadron and The...
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    There'll be no more of this Obi Wan Kenobi gibberish!

    I didn't care for the prequels, hated the sequels. I enjoyed Mandalorian, with only a few gripes. Boba Fett started boring but got better. It was enjoyable, but still a bit dumb. This new Obi Wan show though... I have zero interest in watching it. The Robot Head channel does a good job picking...
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    Unhappy with Viper chipping

    Yeah, this is essentially what I meant to say. Just add more chipping and those won't stand out so much.
  14. stevethefish

    Unhappy with Viper chipping

    I assume you applied the masking with a brush, is that right? I think what you have is fine, but ideally it would have been best to augment those applications with a sponge dipped in the masking solution. And definitely use a thicker mask like Mr. Masking Solution Neo. I made the mistake of...
  15. stevethefish

    Imai/Bandai 1:72 Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1J with LEDs

    Link for larger pictures is here.
  16. stevethefish

    Teeny tiny Razor Crest

    Put it up next to the 1:144 X-Wing Vehicle Model and it looks like its pilot could fit into the small Razor Crest cockpit along with three others.
  17. stevethefish

    Bandai Razor Crest, lighted

    Thanks. I had to drill holes large enough to have the wires go through channels in the plastic. I saw one guy on YT who also lighted his, and he even drilled out tiny holes into the engines whereas I just drilled large 3mm holes to stick entire LEDs through. His looked nice, but the stripes were...
  18. stevethefish

    Feeling weathered

    Oh yeah? Well, as an American, I could care less what you think about USA grammar! (That was a joke, btw. Americans don't know how to use that phrase properly.) ;) But yeah, I think he meant "color-specific." A hyphen is necessary.
  19. stevethefish

    Bandai Razor Crest, lighted

    Link to the photoset is here.