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    Secret Santa 2013

    Wow. just cant get over the generosity of the sender of my gifts this year. As you will see with my videos I get very emotiomal as this was one of my best Christmas gifts Ive ever received in my life. he first video was shot Christmas Eve and the second video was shot Thurday Dec 26. I had...
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    If women dont find you handsome.....EZ DIY paint rack

    What is the material that you used from Walmart again to make this paint rack ? Interested in making one of these myself. Thanks dude.
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    Dont get me wrong, I didnt say I dont respect the kid for what hes done to this point in his career and the stats hes acheived at this point of his career. I just simply think hes boring me from the sport. Tired of watching him win from the front row every week winning by 20 seconds or more...
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    My Abu Dabi Grand Prix pics : I DIDNT FORGET THIS WEEK HAHA 1. Vettel - Red Bull (Depending he doesnt repeat last year) 2. Hamilton - Mercedes 3. Webber - Red Bull (If they let him finish the race and nothing breaks lol) 4. Raikkonen - Lotus 5. Roseburg - Mercedes 6. Alonso - Ferrari 7...
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    Dr. Cranky Halloween contest entry

    Grendels, got second as well. Very cool video G. Liked Bibis eye patch and hook haha all to come to meet your wife at the steps to put a halt to everything ha ha. Good stuff and Congrats on the second place finish.
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    secret santa

    Id like added to the secret santa list too as well Scott. That was alot of fun last year.
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    Vettel is starting to bore me from the sport. Put him in a Force India car or one that Pic drives what is it Marusca or someting like that. If he does what he does now in one of those cars Ill respect him until then I have no time for him and hes making the sport boring for me. 30 second lead...
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    My Top 10 for Korean Grand Prix 1. Vettel - Red Bull 2. Hamilton - Mercedes 3. Alonso - Ferrari 4. Webber - Red Bull 5. Massa - Ferrari 6. Raikkonen - Lotus 7. GrosJean - Lotus 8. Roseburg - Mercedes 9. Hulkenberg - Sauber 10. Ricciardo - Toro Rosso Wish Hulkenberg would get a...
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    Forgot to get my pics in due to the stupid crazy early AM times but can tell you right now Red Bull is cheating somehow. Noway hes getting a 4.1 second lead in 3 laps on cold tires.
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    If my scoring is right and I did the Math right, this weeks big winner is HOOTERVILLE75 haha Hooterville75 - 22 Gag - 20 Webby - 14 I had freekin Riccardo and Rossberg flip flopped or Id have had 32 dawggone it ha ha ha. Good stuff, Love doing these racing pick...
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    My Italian Grand Prix Results predictions 1. Vettel - Red Bull 2. Alonso - Ferrari 3. Hamilton - Mercedes 4. Raikkonen - Lotus 5. Massa - Ferrari 6. Ricciardo - Torro Roso 7. Rossberg - Mercedes 8. Perez - McLarren 9, Button - McLarren 10. Hulkenberg - Sauber
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    F1 Prediction Game 2013 season

    Im gonna fling it and go differently then most ya all are and going with this top ten 1. Vettel - Red Bull 2. Hamilton - Mercedes 3. Rossburg - Mercedes 4. Webber - Red Bull 5. Raikkonen - Lotus 6. Button - McClarren 7. Alonso - Ferrari 8. DiResta - Force India 9. Massa - Ferrari 10...
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    At this moment

    At this moment Im trying to determine if I should build a Academy 1/72 P40D, 1/72 Airfix P-51D Mustang,or a 1/35 Trumpeter Hotchkiss 35H for my next build. Any thoughts from ya all ?
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    Show us your mancave(s)!

    Haha I wish I even had that. I'm stuck down in my unfinished basement where the rafters are old trees ha ha. I have a big piece of plastic up on the rafters directly above my work area to trap the dust from falling. I have to knock cobwebs down weekly from around my spray booth. Anytime it...
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    What I've been up to when not modeling...

    Awesome deal man. Glad to see your still actively involved at 43. Best of luck to you my friend.
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    AK Interactive Paints and Primer

    They look like great product but seem a bit spendy to me considering what I can get the Vallejo Model Air for ????? This Military stuff is all new to me but I need to increase my arsenal of Military colors as Ive been bitten by the Military bug hard lately. Just got 5 new kits that are all...
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    Modelling On The Cheap...

    Webby, I have also found that Nail Art products are really compatible to our products for modeling. Mainly speaking, I bought a set of Sable Nail Art brushes that came in a carrying case with about fifteen brushes, of all sizes and widths. Very happy with them.
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    AK Interactive Paints and Primer

    Do these in the airbrush and brush painting dropper bottles need thinned prior to using or are they good to go right out of the bottle like the Vallejo Model Air paints are ?
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    Vallejo Model Air - Which Paint Set?

    Hey guys. Which Vallejo Model Air paint set would give the best options for having the best universal paint colors in it for painting both Aircraft and Armor Vehicles. So Id like to get a couple of paint sets that will offer colors suitable or universal to be able to have a paint color...
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    Matte and Flat Clear Coat

    Hey guys. Getting ready to place a order for some supplies. Want to get a Matte and Flat Clear cote since Im going to be doing Aircraft and Armor Vehicles starting tomorrow. What Matte and Flat clear cotes do you all recommend ? I will be spraying the models with Vallejo Model Air paint...