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  1. Tailor

    Bismarck 1/400 Papermodel

    Loving it!
  2. Tailor

    My Automotive Entry: 1966 VW BEETLE by TAMIYA

    Yay! Can't wait to see what you have come up with as a twist. I bet it's going to awesome!
  3. Tailor

    All Open - 1/350 IJN "AKAGI"

    Rock'n'Roll! Amazing contender for the ship category. Great work!!! Cheers, Guido
  4. Tailor

    Ship/Watercraft - what happened to my Bentley?

    Great idea and great work on this project! Will be looking forward to seing more of it! Cheers, Guido
  5. Tailor

    HMS Zinnia - Mirage Hobby - Finisher

    Re: HMS Zinnia - Mirage Hobby Great choice! A kit with a lot of potential and stil great OOB! I'll be watching with interest!
  6. Tailor

    2015 Contest Q&A

    Hi, guys! How could I not build a ship, with that kind of support? Thank you guys. Well I'll probably not be able to finish the ship and a seascape within 3 Months anyway. Cheers! PS.: It is OK to say "Cheers" John Simmons!
  7. Tailor

    2015 Contest Q&A

    Good morning, gents! Ships shown with water are "dioramas" again this year? Cheers!
  8. Tailor

    1/350 IJN "AKAGI"

    Beautiful work! Not an IJN fan, but this is quite intreaguing, indeed!
  9. Tailor

    Jeepers! FINISHED

    Thanks, John!
  10. Tailor

    Jeepers! FINISHED

    Thank you CT! Especillay for providing me with the momentum to try it. I have bought 2 more jeep kits. I had so many ideas for other conversions and gadgets ... I hope you are doing fine and that we will see a new project on you bench some time soon. Guido
  11. Tailor

    Tamiya 1/12 Yardley Mclaren M23 1974

    OK!... ... Wow! ... Dude! :o
  12. Tailor

    Jeepers! FINISHED

    Gentlemen, I was finally able to put a lid on the project. It was a lot of fun (not counting 4x stripping the body!)! This was definitely not the last car I built. Cheers, Guido
  13. Tailor

    1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop

    Looking very cool! I like dark! ;)
  14. Tailor

    Jeepers! FINISHED

    Re: Jeepers! Thanks, brother! ... and here it is: It's in HD. Comments and suggestions very welcome as usual! Cheers, Guido
  15. Tailor

    Members Sponsored Prizes

    Hi, John! it ttok me ages to find this post! I am glad the choice of item was OK! Looking forward to the vid!:) Guido
  16. Tailor

    Jeepers! FINISHED

    Re: Jeepers! Hello, fellow Addicts! This has been online for a bit. Sorry for the delay, but I was feeling so sure I had posted it here already. I hope you enjoy it anyway! Cheers, Guido
  17. Tailor

    Hobby Boss VII-C U Boat

    Looking good! You should give her the honour of rigging her. It's pretty easy to do. Cheers, Guido
  18. Tailor

    CVN 65 circa 1976 finished

    Very nice!
  19. Tailor

    LCP boat from Saving Private Ryan?

    Italerie and Trumpeter offer LCM in 1/35th scale. Both are decent kits, with Trumpeter being on the better end. Cheers!
  20. Tailor

    mediaeval cogs

    The Revell kit is really good! ... and about the only game in town. I think there are even nice figure for it in the AM.