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  1. Unreality

    How do you make a tube out of sheet styrene?

    OK, so I'm trying to scratchbuild a Hoth Golan Arms Df.9 battery (the big white turret). I'm trying to build the center tube piece. I've measured everything out. The bottom diameter is 7.1 cm, top diameter is 6.9 cm, and the height is 7 cm. Is there a pattern for laying this out on sheet styrene...
  2. Unreality

    Something odd about Bandai's AT-ST

    Something I recently discovered upon starting another walker is that the kit provides an optional piece that acts like a height guide to replicate the stance in the instructions. These are unmentioned in the instructions, yet the kit provides 2 of these guides, each one easily snapped off of the...
  3. Unreality

    Air T-70 Bristol Blenheim

    Category: Air Name of Build: T-70 Bristol Blenheim Kit manufacturer: Airfix Scale: 1/72 Description This started as an out of the box build of Airfix's Blenheim, but I decided to change direction after looking at the T-70 Resistance X-wing. As such, I placed 1/35 Flak 38 guns...
  4. Unreality

    Armor Winter Hetzer

    Category: Armor Name of Build: Winter Hetzer Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/48 Description This was an out of box build of Tamiya's Hetzer 1/48 scale kit. I painted it with Vallejo and Life Color acrylics with dark yellow on the sides and under body with dark green hard-edged...
  5. Unreality

    Sci-fi Command AT-ST

    Category: Sci-fi Name of Build: Command AT-ST Kit manufacturer: Bandai Scale: 1/48 Description I modified this AT-ST to fit Kai Lim's artwork "Walker Assault". Among the modifications is a Snowtrooper commander, roof...
  6. Unreality

    1/48 Hetzer

    Well, I may be a bit crazy, but I'm gonna try to get one more done by d-day. I got the building almost done, just need to get the left side tracks done. Probably won't upload too many pics until it's finished....just takes too much time to move from bench to studio area. Cheers!
  7. Unreality

    Black backdrop for photography??

    Hey guys. I'm wanting to use a black background for photographing my AT-ST, but everything I try tends to come out grey and not black. What would you guys recommend? Black posterboard? Some kind of black fabric? Or should I stick with a white background? Thanks in advance
  8. Unreality

    1/72 Blenheim - airplane - sci-fi - Star Wars thingy

    So, I started something else. I picked up Airfix's latest Blenheim mk IV a week ago. It is a beautiful kit, and I swear, I did start off with the intention of building it OOTB. But.......I started looking at it and thinking about other designs. And I keep looking at the Vanity Fair images from...
  9. Unreality

    Quick Bandai vs FM TIE Fighter pic

    This is just a quick comparison pic of the two TIE wings. As expected, the Bandai is larger. The detail is also better on the Bandai, but also a bit different. For the uber-geeks, the Bandai is closer to 1/72 if you look at how big a TIE should be. The old of 6.4 m wing length is from the 80s...
  10. Unreality

    1/48 AT-ST

    No, I haven't got any pics yet, as I don't have the kit on hand yet. It's currently on route. But I want to make a placeholder for the upcoming build, which I cannot wait to begin. Curious, does anyone have any 1/48 Snowtroopers? Or does anyone know where one might get a 1/48 Snowtrooper...
  11. Unreality

    It's a...Falcon??

    So, I started my next project: a modified YT-1300 transport, using the Fine Molds 1/72 Millennium Falcon. It will be heavily modified. And thanks to Grendels videos, I REALLY want to try lighting Cutting off a mandible. Yes yes, I know cutting an FM 72nd Falcon is an atrocity New interior...
  12. Unreality

    Modular kit lighting question (in over my head)

    OK, so I've poured over Grendels videos (great stuff by the way), and I have an interesting predicament. I am building a multi-level interior for a YT-1300 ship, and I want the different levels lit. Here's a breakdown of the levels: Bottom floor crawlspace - lit with red LEDs, won't be a...
  13. Unreality

    sIG 33b Panzer III (captured)

    Hey guys. I recently finished the sturm-infanteriegeschutzpanzerwagenjagerstrissenfluffel. OK, so the name isn't really that long, but it's so much easier to just say sIG 33b. Anyway, this is from the newer Dragon kit, but with a few modifications. I liked the idea of a mobile pillbox, so I...
  14. Unreality

    Vallejo water vs Deluxe Materials water ??

    So, I'm doing a 1/48 scale dock scene with a certain heavily modified snowspeeder...and I need to know what the best water material is. I have used the Realistic Water, but it tends to creep up on the sides. Has anyone had experience with either the Vallejo Still Water or Deluxe Materials Solid...
  15. Unreality

    What-if? DAK Hetzer

    I recently finished a DAK inspired Hetzer, from the Academy (early) kit. I added friul tracks, jerry cans and rack, stowage, and a spare wheel. And of course, I had to throw on extra track wherever I could. The barrel is from RB, and I replaced the schurzen with styrene. I was impressed at how...
  16. Unreality

    Diorama Rezna P.234 Hovertank

    Category: Diorama Name of Build: Rezna P.234 Hovertank Kit manufacturer: Dragon Scale: 1/35 Description This was an OOTB build, but not quite like your usual fair. I took Dragon's latest 234/4 and turned it into a hovertank using the parts, stretched sprue, tires for the dio, and...
  17. Unreality

    Sd.Kfz 234 -- a simple OOTB...something

    So, for something a little different, I decided to do a simple, relaxing out of the box build. The subject, Dragon's 234/4 Panzerspahwagen Following Dragon instructions is for pansies, let's just jump in: You'll notice the leaf springs and suspension bits are now mounted on the sides...
  18. Unreality

    Cleaning Brushes??

    So I bit the bullet and bought some high-quality brushes from Blick Arts. Usually I have a container of water with a little Windex to wash out brushes, but my cheapies die fast (probably because they are cheap). What do the rest of you do for cleaning/caring for your brushes?
  19. Unreality

    Your best "Modelling" stories

    I thought it would be funny to hear others' experiences in this wonderful and wonderfully frustrating hobby. I've got 2 good stories of the top of my head. When I was building my first Dragon 1/35 kit, I thought I'd be awesome and build the photoetch tool clasps. After bending them and...
  20. Unreality

    Personal website vs personal blog for models?

    What do you guys prefer? Currently, I have my own website, which is actually a lot of fun maintaining. The only thing I wish was to have feedback comments like a blog does (don't know how to do that yet). I've seen a lot of people here have blogs (excellent by the way). So what is the...