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    Noob viper mkII

    Hi guys I went last Sunday on kind of convention, wargames stuff. I walked around and was thinking (happens... even if it is painful) "What am I doing here? I do not have time or money to paint this whole armies, and play games. I am such a no life I do not even know there is a gaming club in...
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    LED lights, what to do first

    Hi So I am planning about making diorama from Bladerunner. I have this lovely hover car and I want to make the scene when he is landing on a roof of police station or a civil building (not sure yet). Question about LED is this, what...
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    Dreamer from Malifaux

    I just finished set of Dreamer from Malifaux game. 28 mm scale.
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    Small Ork diorama

    Just a small piece on 60 mm base.
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    Orks, Orks, Green is comming!

    As I am here already then I thought I will show you my orks (as for greenskins it is like nothing:P)
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    Wargaming terrains

    I want to present some of the sceneries I made for wargames. Scales are mostly for 28 or 32 mm so it will be around 1:55 - 1:60. Water tower Steam factory Farm Alien hmm something;p Barbed wire obstacles Treasure (objective marker)
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    My entries

    Hey to show what I'm putting (or have put:P) to OPEN category. There was a plan for more but life was to busy... Water tower (I'm not even sure if it is valid:P) "I got it!" created for another competition theme "kill shot" Both scratch builds, tower for Malifaux games (32 mm scale...
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    Hello Hello

    Hi guys, Well I will be honest I registered to put some stuff in to the contest but maybe I will also stay and participate with the forum, just depend on real life time... I don't know why there is so much less of it lately... Something about me? Well I came from Poland, now I'm living in...