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  1. Peppylepugh

    Aeldarii Avatar of Khaine-2022 edition

    I’d never guessed it was that large. Quite the complex looking build too. The colors Patrick, are the ones that threw for a loop. I was seeing copper and you never once mentioned it. Amazing. Most excellent.
  2. Peppylepugh

    Space Pod from Lost in Space (1965)

    Very cool. Decals jump right out, don’t they?
  3. Peppylepugh

    My 2nd build started

    Great looking build of a true classic from youth.
  4. Peppylepugh

    Bandai AT-AT

    Fantastic start.
  5. Peppylepugh

    Space Pod from Lost in Space (1965)

    Pretty spiffy Steve. I have this in the stash myself and you’re trailblazing will be my bible, Hoss. Searching for some of the ColorMaxx as we speak. I have already decided against the photoetch for this, as being almost twice the cost of the kit. Whoa, way too much.
  6. Peppylepugh

    Revell 1/32 WIP COMPLETED

    Super looking build Junkie. Very nice.
  7. Peppylepugh

    AMT ERTL Millennium Falcon Build

    Very good Andrew. Doesn’t look like you lost a thing in 30 years.
  8. Peppylepugh

    BANDAI: Well dude here's a soultion to your limited shelf space problem!

    Not that I’m aware of Mark. I was pining. I’ll have to take a look at the Pac-Man and Kirby. The kit of the Raimen noodles was not only, one of a kind, I thought extremely hip. It will be one of those timeless classics for years I believe. Another on the list.
  9. Peppylepugh

    The Boeing Super Phantom; Making a Legend Even Greater

    Interesting. I didn’t know they had considered an upgrade for the Phantom.
  10. Peppylepugh

    BANDAI: Well dude here's a soultion to your limited shelf space problem!

    Oh, that’s algebra that makes me wanna take a nap. Woody and Buzz, are on my wish list. A Mega-Mind and Minion would be cool. Is asking for a Mr. Incredible too much?
  11. Peppylepugh

    DIY spray booth

    Looks like that’ll work Vic. Big enough for a 1/48 B-25. LOL Or custom bowling balls. I never thought of a semi-clear box. Use the ambient light in the shop.
  12. Peppylepugh


    Super looking build, Larry. I’ve heard this series from Italeri turn old to be pretty nice builds with a little extra time put in. Really nice.
  13. Peppylepugh

    Part time build

    Killer ground work, Vic. Great looking overall diorama.
  14. Peppylepugh

    F4F-3 1/48 “yellow wing”

    Very colorful scheme. Looks very cool. Yellow Wing era aircraft really standout in a collection. What parts did you use from the Hobby Boss? Is that a good kit to consider?
  15. Peppylepugh

    DIY spray booth

    If you have the know how, sure enough. A good friend of mine used two cooling fans for a computer to exhaust his booth. I thought it was pretty novel. I have an exhaust fan from a Jenn-aire stove top. It is a regular squirrel cage blower, but haven’t gotten around to putting it all together...
  16. Peppylepugh

    Tamiya 1/48 F4D-1 Skyray

    Super build and great save. There so many of these ‘50’s era Navy planes they could do. Missing a good opportunity, in my opinion.
  17. Peppylepugh

    Revell Civic Si EM1 (1/24 wasteland edition)

    Gets pretty squirrely with a right hand pull, when you let that cannon rip, huh? Tastefully done weathering.
  18. Peppylepugh

    Group builds?

    BTL, my only reasoning for that is to not put pressure on anyone to get it done within a certain time frame. Three month builds might not appeal to everyone. Neither do, maybe year long builds, but I’m just messing. How those builders get those 48 hour builds done is besides me. FSM years...