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  1. Dark Kyp

    H&S carrier

    I am a big fan of the pcture showing the head and shoulder bottle used as base to make a spaceship So I started it as a project. I first wanted to make the project straight from the shampoo bottle. The fact is that it is realllllllyyyyyy weak. So i use it as a mold. I casted resin in it...
  2. Dark Kyp

    Life size toothfairy by Monster Dork Studio

    This is a life size resin model kit. It is made by Monster Dork Studio. I painted it by hand and airbrush. The base is an old one from the 1/4 Sandtrooper. I completly repainted and customized it. The kit comes with 3 heads which allows to have 3 different expressions.
  3. Dark Kyp

    JPG productions 1/4222 Dreadnoughts diorama

    Hello, it has been a while I did not work on some star wars subject! I come back with this diorama. There are 2 Dreadnoughts from jpg production, a blockad runner and a falcon. Here are the pictures of thi week-end progress: the dreadnaughts have been builded fast. Stay tuned for the...
  4. Dark Kyp

    JPG 1/72e Hailfire

    Here are the final pictures of my JPG production Hailfire droid! It has been a really nice project! I began this project this a short time in mind, I was wrong. It required a lot of time, but it was worth it! It has been painted using acrylics paint and weathered using Tamiya's product. The...
  5. Dark Kyp

    JPG Gonk Droid 1/12

    Here is my interpretation of the Gonk Droid. It has been painted using Tamiya paint strait from the bottle. Then a clear coat and Tamiya panel line accent color. I used the black and the brown ones. I also used the sponge technic to make scratches everywhere. I replaced the wire of the...
  6. Dark Kyp

    JPG 1/72 E-wing

    Here is my entry for this year! This is the 1/72 from JPG Production. This is an old kit, with great details! With this size, this is going to be a nice model! I only have until the end of this month to end this model, so it will be a big run! After that moment, we will be moving in our new...
  7. Dark Kyp

    Star Wars Interdictor 1:4222

    Here is my take on the interdictor from JPG production and NicholasSagan. It's an awesome kit! The details are amazing and it comes together easely! Here are the pictures! Parts: First test: Everything glued together: And after the add of the antenas... PRIMER! Next steps...
  8. Dark Kyp

    Sci-fi Star Wars Flurry

    Category: Sci-fi Name of Build: Star Wars Flurry Kit manufacturer: JPG Production / Shapeways Scale: 1:2256 Description Here is a 1:2256e Flurry from the extended universe of Star Wars. This is a 10 pieces resin model kit. The little fighters are 3D printed, as the shuttle and the...
  9. Dark Kyp

    Figures 200mm Bust Roman Legionnaire

    Category: Figures Name of Build: 200mm Bust Roman Legionnaire Kit manufacturer: Verlinden Productions Scale: 200mm Description This is the very first time I built a bust of this size. It has been painted with acrylics paints from Vallejo (for the base coat) and from Tamiya (for all the...
  10. Dark Kyp

    1:2256e Star Wars Flurryfrom JPG

    My secound entry is the Flurry from Star Wars. The scale is 1:2256. This is a great kit from JPG, very well casted! I also ordered fighters from Shapeways to bring them in it!
  11. Dark Kyp

    My figure entry: 200mm Bust Roman Legionnaire

    Here is my first entry: a 200mm Bust Roman Legionnaire. I won that kit in a past SMA big spring contest and it will be a pleasure to build and paint it for that contest! 8)
  12. Dark Kyp

    Batman Tumbler

    Here is my job for that GB! I have 2 tumblers to build. One for me, one for a friend of mine. The goal is to install the lights in them, too. I also have the batman figures to go with the cars! Here is what have be done so far: I started with the figure: Sanded the blades on the arms...
  13. Dark Kyp

    A pair of tartan cruisers 1:2256

    Here is my entry for this year! I will build those two tartan cruisers and add the lightning in them! The base will be a town. :)
  14. Dark Kyp

    1/72 STar Wars Howlfighter

    My entry for that contest will be my first scratchbuild, too. :) I liked the design of the howlrunner for a long time! So I decidee to go with a inspired design of the howlrunner which I call Howlfighter. In dimensions it will be more close from an A-Wing, a fast attack ship! The main...
  15. Dark Kyp

    hide and seek

    Here is the topic for my first diorama. It will be a scene incuding a trade federation droit on STAP and a clone trooper. For the droid, I'm going to use a model I started 5 years ago. The model is the AMT 1/6 scale droid with stap. The clone is a hot toys one, which is qoing to be...
  16. Dark Kyp

    Buste The Badass Alien from Mars

    I have that Alien head in stock from years. I bought it on culttvman or arveymodels, don't remember exactly... I don't know from which movie or comic it comes, so if someone has a clue please tell! ;D I recently had the idea to make a bust with it, calling it "The Badass Alien from Mars". The...
  17. Dark Kyp

    mpc's Tie X-1 (first airbrushed one)

    Here's a model I began before the Swiss Fantasy Show. Now that the convention is done, I'm back on it! It is the mpc's Tie X1 of Darth Vador At a first sight, the kit looks great and well casted. Exception made of poor Vador looking like he's sitting on the toilets ;D I said "At a...
  18. Dark Kyp

    The Dukes of HillValley

    Here is a model I started some months ago. The idea comes from this nice T-shirt: So I found back this kit who was sleeping in the underground: First: the sprues: Medium quality, lot of places to sand! I'll post the next steps later in this week. Here is the first...
  19. Dark Kyp

    Mâcon 2012 - France (lots of pics)

    HEre are the pics of a convention we wnt to this week-end. It was in France, the city named Mâcon. Hope you'll enjoy the pics:
  20. Dark Kyp

    X304-Class Deep Space Carrier Daedalus

    Here's my first entry: It will be the Daedalus from Stargate. A sci-fi entry. ;D Good luck everyone