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  1. 13aceofspades13

    its been too long, time for me too pop in and show you what i am doing.

    Hey guys this may be a little off topic from the plastic scale model realm but this is what i am doing right now, haven't had time for scale modeling working six days a week 8 too 12 hour days but hey it pays the bills... but here it is this is a Yiboo...
  2. 13aceofspades13

    Aces plan of attack.

    now if i am going to get back into the swing of things, i am going too have to do it right, i have a plan of attack, any kits you guys gave me that wheren't will be up for build including that pritty little 1/32 Hasagawa kit of a P-51, cant remember what i was going to do with that, i think i...
  3. 13aceofspades13

    Road ace Rebuild

    lets be honest guys, the old road ace sucked... it really did, the concept was cute, a little souped up Corvette stingray race car and all that jazz... but yea.. it sucked! paint job sucked! the fact it was a cobbled up bunch of parts from two old cars made it even worse.... but guess what boys...
  4. 13aceofspades13

    im back boys, its been way too long.

    and this time i think i am here to stay, not much i can do but i can give it a shot, i need to land somewhere anyways and this is my home... while i was gone i have been through some life, life as in some pritty hard stuff.. you guys remember that blue buick century i was so happy and proud...
  5. 13aceofspades13

    good news and bad news.

    good news, the buick is officially mine, i have a job working as a fleet mechanic, and i got a lady! bad news, i come back home from school, and almost everything scale modeling is out of place, my airbrushes have been torn apart and i was able to save the badger, parts are missing from my...
  6. 13aceofspades13

    auto mechanic tries fixing a lawn mower, it goes horribly wrong!

    one of my friends from church calls me telling me her lawn mower (a scotts 20/45 with a 20hp air cooled gasoline brigs and straton horizontal V twin.) is running funny, i head over the next morning to asses the situation, she describes the issue, the engine runs as if one cylinder is missing and...
  7. 13aceofspades13

    New car!

    its a metalic dark blue 2000 Buick Century Custom, it has a 3.1L SFI V-6 well sort of new, my grandpa is selling it to me for $500, he is giving it to me cheep beacuse i have fixed it so many times for him, currently i have 177,177 miles on it, and have already paid 100 bucks for it, but i have...
  8. 13aceofspades13


    well boys i now have four certifications, i have graduated from MCTI, and not just graduated, but with HONORS! i got the honor award! only about 5 students out of our graduating class where presented with the award, i was one of them, i had also got a 100% on my final exam. i also have a build...
  9. 13aceofspades13

    hello!!! lots of good news

    Requesting permission for landing! its been too long, but so much has been done at school, i graduate in July, and i now have four certifications! i am now certified in the following, brakes, suspension and steering, electrical, and most recently, ENGINE TUNE UP! i am now in my 6th and final...
  10. 13aceofspades13

    good news and bad news...

    good news is i passed my electrical certification test and i am now one of the most certified students in the class, this is one of the biggest certifications avalible, but bad news also came burning around the corner with the good news, between you guys and me, i am getting a car from my...
  11. 13aceofspades13


    anyone had it before? jackfuit, i call it a bananamellon, is AWESOME! it has a weird thick stringy texture but its after taste is almost exactly like a banana, just love... it! :D
  12. 13aceofspades13

    Ace is stuck on the ground!

    no no no!!! :'( i must fly!!! my old computer is finally starting to die, it will not play some of its programs including my flight simulator! it will cost me about $800 too $1000 to replace this computer and i don't have the money when i am saving it for more important things! i decided to...
  13. 13aceofspades13


    the group build is now over, and its been for a while actually, well done everyone, lots of beautiful builds, i feel that i have failed to keep track of things, i feel that i have failed in General... there is a lot of things i have been failing at, im just hoping i can get back into the groove...
  14. 13aceofspades13


    i was reading my book "Mustang, the story of the P-51 fighter." and ran across this page about a concept P-51 they made during WWII, for those of you who love WWII fighters, you may get a kick out of this one. the XP-51G was one of the best, if not the best performing P-51s made, it was only a...
  15. 13aceofspades13

    hay guys!

    back again, taking my 3rd certification test tuesday, electrical this time, wish me luck and keep me in your prayers... still nothing model related done, but i will get there eventually, still monetoring the Navy Marine group build when i can though i dont say much... lots of cool builds going on.
  16. 13aceofspades13

    say goodby too one of my videos.

    evidently people do not like my video on my 1/32 scale P-51... well thats too bad, about 75% of the comments on it where negative, one person rudely stated that a elephant could have built the kit better, simply beacuse i had made a mistake adding the spark plug wires the engine cowl fit was...
  17. 13aceofspades13

    hay guys!

    sorry for the asence... i feel guilty for not being on as much as i used too, but i have been super buisy, and my room has, well no room for modeling, the hellcat build is still on standstill, i dont want too paint that without my airbrushes working. I had a disaster with the top fuel dragster...
  18. 13aceofspades13

    buisy as a beever

    busy as a beaver welp... havent had much time for building, not much room either, but things are going great for me. how are you guys? i miss you all a lot!
  19. 13aceofspades13

    another test down

    just got done doing my certification test for suspension and steering systems, im pretty sure i passed, in addition, my instructor offered the position of team leader too me, i took it, as if things could not get any better.... LOL!
  20. 13aceofspades13

    MR President...

    President, or pres, thats what they have been calling me lately 8) i don't know if i have announced it yet but i am now, and have been for a while, the student council president, it is also official, i am going onto my 4th term of auto! this is huge! to get beyond your 3rd term you need to be...