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  1. dano985

    1:12 Bandai Boba Fett

    Hello all, Here is my attempt at the Bandai Boba Fett. I filled in all the joints and tried to blend in the fabric with putty. I made several attempts and I am pleased with the result. I also made a custom fabric cape as the plastic one looked like crap, as well as made a carbonite chamber...
  2. dano985

    1:12 Endor Stormtrooper

    Hello, This is a commission piece I did for a friend. He wanted a battle weathered stormtrooper taking cover behind a tree on endor about to spring out and fire. Thanks for looking! :D Dan
  3. dano985

    WIP .JPG Victory Star Destroyer

    Hello all, This is my WIP of .JPGs amazing Victory Star Destroyer kit. I wanted to modify it a bit as I am building it up to look more like this version of the ship, but I am taking some artistic liberties as no one SD is exactly the same. I want it to look like a more primitive SD (note the...
  4. dano985

    1:12 C3P0

    Hello, This is my buildup of the Bandai C3P0. Pretty standard build. I ran fiber optics through the body to light the eyes up. I used a flicker LED candle as the illumination. It looks good in person, but I can not seem to get a decent shot of it. I had to repaint mine as there were horrible...
  5. dano985

    1:12 A Gonk Left Behind

    Hello all, This is my first scratch built model. I did it over my lunch break over the past few months. I work in IT so many of my greebs come from computer equipment. The idea I had for this model is that it would be a Power Droid left behind after the evacuation of Hoth, left to wander the...
  6. dano985

    1:72 Clone Wars Y-WIng

    Hi all, This is my take on the Clone Wars Y-WIng. I didn't want to do the clean look from the TV series, rather a more battle hardened version. This is the second time I bought this kit. This is the re-release that had some re-tooling. It was a fine kit, the only issue I had with it was with...
  7. dano985

    1:72 TIE Bomber

    Hello all, This is the multiverse model kit of the 1:72 TIE Bomber. It's a good little kit! I wanted to go with a more weathered look on this one. Like it just got back from a hard days work bombing rebel scum. I have the .jpg studio scale model that I will build up as film accurate. I really...
  8. dano985

    MVM 144 Sandcrawler

    Hello All, This is Del's wonderful kit! Very easy to put together, I didnt need to do much work to it. Spent most of the time trying to get different shades of brown on it than anything(which you cant see in the pictures of course.. :'(). I did mine a little different than the reference photos...
  9. dano985

    FM 1/72 Jango Fett's Slave I

    Hello all, This is my take on Jango's Slave I. It was a fun kit to build! It helped me practice my chipping and layering. Thanks for looking!! :) Hard to get a decent shot of the interior!!! I thought I would put Jango in the background leaning against the wall during a long flight...
  10. dano985

    1:72 Republic Howlrunner

    Hello all, This is my take on Del's MVM 1:72 scale Howlrunner. In the timeline this ship is post ROTJ. In my opinion it fits more in the old republic\ prequel era. It has a very primitive design, like a precursor to the Jedi Starfighter we see in episode 2. I have not put a pilot in it as...
  11. dano985

    1:12 Bandai Stormtrooper Commander

    Hello all, This paint scheme is the Stormtrooper Commander from the video game Star Wars The Force Unleashed. I thought it was a pretty cool variation. This is also, my first attempt at a living nature theme. Albeit a sparse one... I used Aves to sculpt the base. I wanted to give him the pose...
  12. dano985

    1/72 Fantastic Plastic RM A-Wing

    Hello, This is the old Fantastic Plastic A-Wing. The detail pales in comparison to the RB-26 kit. So, I decided to make some alterations to it to make it look like the Ralph McQuarrie concept art. This kit was a pain in the butt to paint. I cleaned it and cleaned and it cleaned it some more...
  13. dano985

    1:72 Bandai Red 6

    Hi all, Here is my Bandai Red 6. I went with a more weathered version than seen in ANH. Kind of like if Porkins survived to fight another day. It was a really fun build! Engineered well, just not a fan of the deep panel lines on the fuselage. But, the paint seemed to make them look not too bad...
  14. dano985

    Dewback Patrol

    Thanks for looking! WIP:
  15. dano985

    1/72 Red Jammer Y-Wing

    Hello all! This is my buildup of Y-Wing Red Jammer using the 1/72 FM kit. I did some minor structural modifications to it, as well as the obvious paint scheme. Thanks for looking! :D :D [
  16. dano985

    Figures Imperial Shocktrooper

    Category: Figures Name of Build: Imperial Shocktrooper Kit manufacturer: Bandai Scale: 1/12 Description This is a customized version of the Bandai Stormtrooper. I saw this trooper in a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars game Battlefront and needed to build it!!! I wanted it to look...
  17. dano985

    Sci-fi Imperial Blockade Runner

    Category: Sci-fi Name of Build: Imperial Blockade Runner Kit manufacturer: Randy Cooper Scale: Description This is the Randy Cooper Blockade Runner kit. I wanted to do something different with it. The direction I went is that this is an Imperial version, less colorful more of a straight off...
  18. dano985

    Figure:Bandai Stormtrooper (custom)

    Now that the deadline has been extended I will try to sneak one more model in!!! I would like to do a custom of the Bandai Stormtrooper. I recently saw some footage from Star Wars Battlefront and saw the Shocktrooper and loved it! Here is the start of the model. Nothing special yet. Just want...
  19. dano985

    Sci Fi - RC Blockade Runner (FINISHED)

    Hello, This will be my first time entering this contest. I decided to push myself and start one of my grail kits. The Randy Cooper Blockade Runner. It will not be the Tantive IV seen in A New Hope. I am toying with alternative paint schemes for this ship. Here is a picture of the box of parts I...
  20. dano985

    Zarkus KSE-12a Dagger Fighter

    Hello, This was part of a group build (Scum and Villainy) over at the Keeper of the Force forum. It is a long OOP kit from Zarkus that is labeled as 1/72. It looked a little big for 1/72, so I decided that it was designed for a larger race like a Wookie as the cockpit was massive! It...