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    Hobbylinc Georgia

    I just accessed the site, no problem
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    Which is the best clear-coat can spray paint for sealing decals damage-free?

    Being as isolated as I am, I've learned to use what I can get. For clear matt, I use a Minwax aerosol that is a water based acrylic. Wonderful results, not expensive and you can get it in any hardware store.
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    Tamiya 'Easy Eight' 1/35 tank kit. Lost parts

    After only a couples of emails with Tamiya, they are sending the parts I need. Hurrah Tamiya. Not only responded but super fast and no charge. Excellent customer service.
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    Tamiya 'Easy Eight' 1/35 tank kit. Lost parts

    Building the Tamiya 'Easy Eight' Sherman kit. Lost parts from sprue 'L'. Can I buy an extra sprue? I don't expect to be able to buy individual parts. Thanks to all.
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    Acrylic paint thinner

    I have to say that I'm generally satisfied with my homemade thinner. Mixed with Tamiya flat black in equal measures and sprayed the bottom of a little boat I'm building. Took a bit to tune the airbrush and I got a good coat. Going to switch to my double action airbrush for more control. A roll...
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    Acrylic paint thinner

    Easy to say, but where I live the only hobby shop is about 70 miles away. So it's mail order and high shipping costs or make do. Shipping costs are eating my lunch. If you've got a local shop, patronize them and keep them in business.
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    Acrylic paint thinner

    Took a leap of faith on concocting my own acrylic paint thinner. I used 67% distilled water, 33% food grade ethanol(everclear), and 5ml each of Liquitex Flow Aid and Slow-Dri Medium. Will test this mix with Tamiya acrylic and just see what happens. Any suggestions of mix ratios? My recipe made...
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    Are compressed air cans at all worth using with an airbrush?

    I use a large co2 tank with a beer/soda regulator. This size tank should last forever.
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    Another old timer going to try again

    Yes, June 6 1944. It was the only thing he told us about his experiences in the war. Everything else is a mystery.
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    Liquid glues

    Thanks very much
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    Liquid glues

    Which IPS glue do you buy? Is there a product number on the label?
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    Found some old treasure

    Going through an rarely used closet and found these. The Harrier had instruction sheet and decals, the Lotus did not. Stopped working on them and forgot. Found decals and instructions for the Lotus online, so I can complete. Like a nice gift I just found.
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    Another old timer going to try again

    thanks to all!
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    Another old timer going to try again

    Another old age pensioner with time on his hands. Starting with a 1/72 Higgins boat, the same my old Dad piloted in June '44. Nice to be back.
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    Tamiya Sherman M4A3E8 - 1/35 Scale

    I've just ordered this kit myself. And an aftermarket decal sheet. Going to save it for cooler weather.
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    Can't find paints

    Just been searching for plastic model acrylic paint. From where I search, there seems to be a shortage of product. Anyone else having this problem?