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  1. mr lucky

    AMT 1967 Mustang GT Fastback

    Great looking build. Welcome to the group.
  2. mr lucky

    42nd Highland Infantry Regiment "Black Watch" at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815

    Holy crap, this is looking fantastic! I definitely wouldn’t dream of taking this on. Your figure painting is spot on! How tall are the dudes? Sorry if you posted that and I missed it.
  3. mr lucky

    Definitely a panzer II - G

    This came out great, nice choice for the snow too. I’m liking the contrast between the dirty wheels and the snow.
  4. mr lucky

    Tamiya Panzer II

    Well I’m dyslexic so I’m sure I’ll have at least one flip-flop or crazy spelling at some point!
  5. mr lucky

    Trumpeter H34 1/48 Scale, reissue.

    Wonderful build and paint job!
  6. mr lucky

    Tamiya M4 Sherman

    This is my latest build, the Tamiya M4 Sherman. I started this one a few years ago, before I realized the value of painting road wheels ON the sprue, I used Vallejo paint with AK thinner and the paint never really cured. The good thing about Vallejo paint is that you can strip it with...
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  8. mr lucky

    Armored Core - SUNSHINE-L

    Oh yeah, having the rubble angled like that really adds a lot of interest to the pose, adds a sense of weight and energy to the figure. Nicely done!
  9. mr lucky

    Tamiya Panzer II

    It took me a few threads until I understood the joke!
  10. mr lucky

    To glue or not to glue, that is the question

    This is really looking good. I tried homemade snow with glue, white paint, and baking soda. Very bad decision on my part. That build is now on my “do not do this again” shelf.
  11. mr lucky

    1/24 Tamiya Honda City Cabriolet (hover conversion)

    First this is downright wicked! I’ve been wanting to try one of these builds for years but lack the science fiction imagination. As far as the eyes go, I’d put googles on her and call it done! But I’m not so skilled with humans.
  12. mr lucky

    Armored Core - SUNSHINE-L

    Well this is pretty damn good! Love seeing all the steps, got me thinking about trying on of these.
  13. mr lucky

    WW2 faded paint help … please

  14. mr lucky

    Tamiya Panzer II

    Thanks … I may pick up a few more as well, for the price it’s hard to beat.
  15. mr lucky

    WW2 faded paint help … please

    I don’t think I hit reply in my last post to this … maybe I did, I’m still trying to remember how this all works.
  16. mr lucky

    1:87 DIY shelter

    This is a little 1:87 scale shelter I made from random scraps, I didn't have a real plan other than it had to fit in a peanut butter lid. I put this together last year some time, thinking it's time to cobble another little shack together from scraps. Thanks ... Erik
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