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  1. TRM

    Mirror Models - 1/35 US Military Bulldozer

    Hello Addicts!! ;D Oh my!! Been a while!! :P Seems I have been a little busy on various modelling fronts around the interwebs! I came to a sad realization that sometimes it becomes more like work than a hobby!! :-X This is the perfect reason for wanting to joining on all the fun here on...
  2. TRM

    Desert Eagle Publishing - DOOBI D9 Variants Book Review

    DOOBI D9 Variants: D9 Bulldozers In IDF Service No. 7 in the IDF Armor Series By Michael Mass and Adam O’Brien Copyright 2013 Desert Eagle Publishing Softcover – 80 pages MSRP: $54.00US - 40.36EUR Introduction Desert Eagle Publishing is the alliance between Michael Mass...
  3. TRM

    D9R - Meng 1/35 Armored Bulldozer

    Hey there, Just getting this underway as it only arrived on Friday. I have a review for this submitted with Armorama and should be up in a day or so...since that is complete, looks like I will be starting this real soon! Her is the obligatory box shots: There should be some wear-n-tear...
  4. TRM

    Hobby Boss German Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.J (VK16.01)

    Hey folks, Seems I have been so self consumed with projects and "other" forumy type processes I have neglected to post something I am doing from time to tome...Bad T...Bad!! ::) I picked this little gem up a month or so ago as part of a review for If you feel so inclined to...
  5. TRM

    It's something about Mary

    Hey fellas, Tossing this one into the ring!!! The USS Maryland SSBN-738 I got this one from my friend Brian (Tbadger) here on SMA as part of the Secret Santa we had over the holiday season past. It is time to finally break into this. A fairly straight forward build I think with a couple...
  6. TRM

    Dragon Ersatz M10 1:72

    Hey there, Last week I had the pleasure of finishing up a review for Armorama: Dragon’s Ersatz M10 in 1/72 scale. Not the most power packed of kits; it is still an interesting subject and a fun box of plastic! Review...
  7. TRM

    Artist Hobby - 1/700 HMS Warspite WWI (1914-1918) Photo Etch Set

    Artist Hobby HMS Warspite in WWI (1914-1918) Photo Etch Detail Set Manufacturer: Artist Hobby Model # AH 270003 Scale: 1:700 MSRP: $65.00 USD Introduction: Artist Hobby is a fairly new company to the modeling world specializing in detailed photo etching in the 1/700 scale realm...
  8. TRM

    Fokker F.I Dreidecker - 1/32 Encore Models

    Always love the start of a contest!! Another entry of mine into the BSC 2013...Encore Models 1/32 Fokker F.I Driedecker wengy-theng!! Again I am shooting for something out of the comfort zone to keep it fun as well as challenging!! Looking forward to digging into this one!! This kit...
  9. TRM

    BamBam - Battlestar Valkyrie - 1/3700

    Yes, the title is right...That is a "Space" related build with my name attached!!! LOL...there is a first time for everything!!! :o I told a friend I was thinking of going outside my comfort zone...this is what he gave me!! Bam Bam's 1/3700 Battlestar Valkyrie!! This is a full resin...
  10. TRM

    AK INteractive: Naval Ships Weathering Colors

    AK Naval Sets 1&2 Review Maker: AK Interactive Product: Naval Ships Weathering Sets Vol. 1 & 2 PI#: 555 & 556 Quantity: 35ml bottles. MSRP: $17.85USD each set Website: AK Interactive USA Review: For a few years now, AK Interactive has been consistently providing modelers with...
  11. TRM

    Reviewing the AK Interactive Weathering German Ship DVD

    AK Weathering German Ship DVD Review From: AK Interactive Ship by Fran Ramero Techniques by Mig Jimenez Narration by Iain Hamilton 60 minutes in length Model: AK-651 DVD MSRP 19.95 Quote from AK Interactive Website: With this DVD, the modeler fan of ships and warships will learn how to...
  12. TRM

    Builing Italeri's PT 109: The Last Night

    Hello SMA!! I figured I would get this blog started as I am not only getting close to actually seeing the top of my bench from some left over items from last year, I am going through some withdrawals as I have not glued any thing together for a while. First, I have just recently finished a...
  13. TRM

    Happy Birthday Ken!!!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Abrams!! Hope you have a great day today and carry it into the New Year!!!! ;)
  14. TRM

    3 more payments and it's all mine!!

    Hello…again!! I couldn’t take it any more!!! Time for a little playing around!! Let loose and build free!! No plans, no thinking...just do!!! A few of you have heard this before in the past! Seems to come about every so often where a "fix" is needed.....this is one of those...
  15. TRM

    Tamiya 1/35 Quad Gun Tractor

    Hello All, A nice little surprise...I got home and this was on the table....obviously came in the mail!! Sent as a thank you for lending a helping hand with something, this strange little bugger wasted no time making it to the bench!!! I might be the fact it's a Tamiya Shake-n-Bake, could be...
  16. TRM

    Zugkraftwagen 1t (Sd.Kfz. 10) Demag Typ “D7”

    Hello HERD!! I thought I would toss this build up to share. I just finished a review on this little guy and decided I would keep going on the build! Here is a link to the Review here on Armorama : Zugkraftwagen 1t (Sd.Kfz. 10) Demag Typ “D7” Please stop by and check it out!! For...
  17. TRM

    Oh meine Güte!

    Hello, Yeah, like a bullet shot into the air, never knowing where I will land!! LOL!! I am putting together a small vignette for something and figured I would take a break from all the projects going on and attack something! First thing I will need for this is a figure :P...I happened to...
  18. TRM

    Hey!!! It's Scott's Birthday!!!!

    Happy Birthday Scott!!! Here is hopeing you have the best-est of days today sir!!! Enjoy!!! ;)
  19. TRM

    Merkava MK II: Getting my feet wet!!

    Hello all, As the title suggests, "getting my feet wet", I am coming out of the gate building my 1st Modern IDF!! So, please be gentle!!! LOL!!! I will of course I will have to rely on what I see in pictures and some friends in the world of IDF. In all all seriousness, this is a new path...
  20. TRM

    Hasegawa 1/350 N.Y.K. Line Hikawa Maru

    Kit Review Hobby Link Japan Build Series - Hasegawa 1/350th Scale N.Y.K. Hikawa Maru The Hikawa Maru product code: HSGZ28 A review by Todd Michalak (TRM) for The Hobby Link Review Series Brought to you by Hobby Link Japan On The Kit: 1/350th Scale N.Y.K...