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    What a piece of junk!

    Well... I think most of you know what this is about... Lot of people been doing this, so nothing new I guess. Thing is... The more you get into this, the more obvious it becomes that simply scratch building this would be easier. Anyway, I'm working off the plans from RPF made by the falcon...
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    Hey guys Finally done with my diploma... For a while anyway. I've parked the Galactica at the shipyards for a while... No more modifying kits for a now. Anyway I've had this kit for many years and I figured it'll build up to a nice kit without too much trouble... The inside is hardly visible...
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    Sanding plate

    Hello guys I don't know if any of you already do this. I figured I'd share. Friend of mine has a company that works with marble. He gets a lot of these sample pieces. Anyway, double sticking tape and sandpaper. Makes for great sanding plates when you need to sand something strait.
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    Revell Battlestar Galactica - the new one

    Hello guys I've had this for some time now. I WAS going to just build it out of the box, but it has some flaws I just can't live with. The angles of the engines for one, the hight of the 'jaw'... And finally the the armor plates, especially where they meet the ribs, and the way the molding was...
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    What paint for 1:35 tank crews

    Hello there I've been away from the hobby for like 20 years, I've recently got back into it... Started building some og the old ertl and amt sets I had laying around... I used to paint with humbrol... Back then there really wasn't much in the way of washes, filters og chipping fluid or you...
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    Tamiya m41 walker bulldog

    Hello My first tank build... I chose this old kit cuz I figured I'd mess up here and there. I've scratched the barrel on the. 50 cal and the light covers... I'm debating wether to scratch the side fenders, they're sorly lacking in detail... But I'm also thinking of hanging some equipment off...
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    inaccuracies, fit issues and missing details... The story a helicopter build

    Hello gents I'm currently going through my old stash of kits, atm I'm building the ertl tie advanced with my daughter. For reasons unbeknownst to me I grabdt this old half started nightmare instead of my Bandai B-wing... I know... I'm still figuring out what went wrong! Anyway... I really...
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    Mpc ERTL Darth Vader Tie Fighter

    Hello guys I have all these old kits laying around, and my daughter... Yes my daughter, asked if we could build this thing together... There's only one answer to that! So the Tie advanced kit... Otherwise known as the Darth Vader on toilet version. Fit issues galore, I honestly considered just...
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    Modified Millennium Falcon - Revell - 1:241

    Hello gentlemen I bought this kit, knowing full well that it suffers from all the faults that most other Falcon kits do... tall sides, wrong details and generally bad proportions. I really just bought it so I might build it with my son... He agreed to, but when the time came he was more...
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    Is there a thread named "what's on your bench right now?"

    Hey guys I've tried looking for a general WIP thread... Kinda like a: "what's on my bench right now" or something like: "what modeling related stuff did you manage to buy without the misses noticing?" Something like that, anyway, just an idea, maybe it's just me unable to find the thread...
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    Color guide for the Tie Interceptor

    Hello... I'm new here. I've been out of the loop for a very long time. My old paints are 20 years old humbrol paints... Now I've starter on Tamiya paints. Waterbased and a lot less toxic. However I don't know them that well yet. So I was wondering if any of you guys would know which ones to go...
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    Subs are black... Right?

    Hello I'm new here. Been trying to get back into the hobby for some time now. I've been spending some time on getting all my modeling accessories up to date... My old humbrol paints are over 20 years old... Most of them are still going strong tho. I have however gone the tamyia way now, as...