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  1. andrewdick68

    What do you get when you cross a ................. (Warning This thread may contain graphic images of a Kit Bash)

    What do you get when you cross an AMT Star Wars X-Wing Fighter and a Hobbycraft EF-111A "Spark Vark"? Not quite sure yet, But let's find out. :oops:
  2. andrewdick68

    AMT ERTL Millennium Falcon Build

    Well, I've started my first build in over 30 years. I'm hoping to find a couple of hours each week to get work done on it. I'll keep this thread updated. Not going to do anything fancy with this one, just build it straight off the plan. Getting my hand in again, and trying to stop the jitters...
  3. andrewdick68

    Latest Automotive acquisitions

    I've been collecting Movie and TV cars of late. This is what I've managed to get my hands on over the last few months. Although not packaged for the movie, the Black trans-am will do for Smokey & the Bandit
  4. andrewdick68

    This will show my age - photo etched parts

    So I've just started collecting kits to build when I have time [May not be for a few years] Family got me a big wish list of tools from Amazon, so apart from the glue, the paint and actually having time in my life, I've got the basics again to re-engage with a hobby I love. I haven't built a...
  5. andrewdick68

    My Latest Acquisition - Moebius Models Colonial Viper MKII

    The nice man from FedEx delivered my latest acquisition. Now the decision; How long do I leave it before I take the plastic off
  6. andrewdick68

    MPC Star Wars Kits

    These are my latest acquisitions. Open boxes, all parts still in their bags.