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  1. Grendels

    Strike Freedom Gundam: Lightning edition

    Hello all Long time no post. I am working on this; This is a large older Bandai kit. It is 1/60 scale. This is the same scale as a PG kit, but it lascks the details and inner frame of those kit. My progress will be slow on this one. Lots of seams to be filled on the back pack...
  2. Grendels

    Bandai Star Destroyer: Lighted version

    Here is my review of the Bandai Star Destroyer: Lighted version
  3. Grendels

    It's back up!

    I just thought to see if it was back and it is!
  4. Grendels

    Diorama - Guntank

    This is my build up of a Guntank from the Anime series: Mobile suit Gundam: The Origin Manufacturer: Bandai Scale: 1/144 The building is from Walthers and is N-scale
  5. Grendels

    Out of box review: Bandai A-wing

    here is the YouTube video:
  6. Grendels

    Out of Box review: Battlestar Galatica Colonial one

    Here is the review:
  7. Grendels

    Bandai Star Destroyer

    Here is a video review of the Bandai Star Destroyer
  8. Grendels

    Shelf Queen: Enterprise NX-01

    Well this one is a real shelf queen, it is from one of my first post on this forum:,712.0.html And here is the video of where she stand now. Sorry for the shaky cam:
  9. Grendels

    RTX-65 Guntank early version

    Well here is my entry for the contest: And the photos: And just in case you want to know what this thing is:
  10. Grendels

    Bandai falcon review

    Here it is! And it s a beauty!
  11. Grendels

    Bandai Resistance X-wing

    Here is the review!
  12. Grendels

    Star wars meets Kinkade....

    That would be Thomas Kinkade...
  13. Grendels

    It's Boba time: The Bandai slave 1 and Boba Fett figure. Enjoy!
  14. Grendels

    UFO mystery ship

    Well here is a quick build for the weekend: More or less to get me back at the bench.
  15. Grendels


    Here is an out of box review of the Pegasus hobbies M.L.E.V. It is a Randy Cooper design:
  16. Grendels

    BB-8 by Sphero

    A working BB-8 that you can buy....
  17. Grendels

    Grendel's prizes!

    Well here is the prize video. Enjoy!
  18. Grendels

    MOVED: Maschinen Krieger G-pawn

    This topic has been moved to SCI-FI & SPACE.
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    Bandai Stormtrooper

    I built this for fun, and for no other reason. So no upgrades, just strait out of the box build. I even used the "gasp" stickers instead of the decals. Part 1
  20. Grendels

    Bandai C3-PO review

    Here is an out of Box review on the Bandai kit: