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  1. Blackbeard

    HMS Victory

    Please include photos, price, and shipping
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    Wishing all a great Christmas and a great new year

    Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!
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    New to this forum , greetings from FL

    Love it! Welcome!!
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    Mustering from the Hoosier State

    Welcome @TheMissingLink02 It's always great to be surrounded with folks that will encourage and offer up support to get a project done. Great group of folks here to help with all that, and glad you are a part of that now!
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    Welcome @martin9428 really digging the submarine you are putting together! great work.
  6. Blackbeard

    Do you find cooking and scale modeling are similar?

    Seasoning: Brown sugar Smoked Paprika Salt Pepper Garlic powder Onion Powder pinch of spicy cayenne powder Beat the chicken breasts down a until they are nice and even thickness. I used this french rolling pin. Oven at 400 degrees, roughly 20 minutes. then put in the broiler for 5 minutes...
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    Comment by 'Blackbeard' in media 'IMG_5852 (2).JPG'

    Love the subject matter, and great work!
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    Another old timer going to try again

    So happy you decided to join us!
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    Greetings from Central Jersey!

    We sure are glad you joined us! Welcome to the addiction!
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    Comment by 'Blackbeard' in media 'IMG_5965.JPG'

    This looks awesome
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    Hello from Orange County California

    Welcome to the addiction!
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    Florida Addicts - stay safe!

    Tampa report is nothing but a lot of rain.
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    Building a StarWars Theme Fish tank

    Sounds cool, but not sure if this is the right place to list something like that.
  14. Blackbeard

    Your post is just have to be patient?

    Your post is just have to be patient?
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    What's with the red

    We still offer the white version. You can change it down in the left corner of your screen.
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    Forum themes?

    Down at the bottom of the page, left hand side. You can select - Scale Model Addict Dark. Hope that works out for folks.
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    Do you find cooking and scale modeling are similar?

    I enjoy some good olives and Mayo just not at the same time.
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    Florida Addicts - stay safe!

    I'm in Tampa right now. Will be back in Orlando next week. Lovely weather right now.
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    Forum themes?

    I'll look into it.
  20. Blackbeard

    Watson on Mars

    You have an amazing skillset! Great work!