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  1. jake

    16 inch B wing scratch build

    Built this while the site was down. Its roughly 1/48 scale.
  2. jake

    BSG Mark VIIE Viper (my version)

    Been working on this for a few months and finally finished. This is the Moebius 1/32 viper. I did not modify the nose to the correct E generation shape. I just shortened it and blended in the long ventral wing fin things so they conformed and looked aerodynamic. I also tinted the canopy to an...
  3. jake

    McQuarrie 12 inch A-wing scratch build

    Been working this one for a while and was not happy with it. Until I finally got a break and fixed it up to the point I'm ready to show you guys. Built from a painting I saw of a Ralph McQuarrie A-wing. Gotta love Ralph's concept art. Here are some pics of my scratchy progress.
  4. jake

    Revell resistance X-wing

    Here's mine. These things go together in about 3 minutes! I didn't use the cock pit or droid though. I also thinned out and fixed a few things. I used some aluminum tubing in the cannons also. Thanks for looking
  5. jake

    25 inch Y-wing scratch build

    Been a while since I made any progress on this newer model. I drew up my own plans and its only a loose representation of a Y-wing (slightly short of studio scale..I think). So far its all wood and styrene ("For sale" signs from Walmart), I added my brew in one of the pics for a scale ref...
  6. jake

    Quick Slave 1 snap-tite.

    Hi all, thought Id post some pics of a quick revell snap-tite kit I put together and painted. Ive been wanting to get this one on the shelf for a while. Quick and splattered with space filth... Thanks for looking. Thanks All you Slave 1 builders for the inspiration.
  7. jake

    My concept X-Wing

    This was a scratch build a long time in the making. It started as my own version but I hated the final product. So I cut it up and started again, this time rebuilding the front half and making it more Ralph McQuarrie like. Hope you guys like. Still need to add an astro-mech. Any suggestions...
  8. jake

    Oblivion Bubble Ship scratch-build

    Just starting this scratch build of my current favorite movie vehicle. I really don't know if this is going to work out but if I get it finished it will measure about 16 inches long. I'm winging it right now so I don't have any firm plans yet as to how I'm going to build. More to come,, I...
  9. jake

    23rd Century "Pistol" (Phaser)

    Got this in the mail last Friday and dove right in! What a great kit! I recommend this for anyone who wants a nice replica TOS phaser. I also made the base from a Star Wars ship base piece and a couple magnets, one in the base and one in the handle. The insides have plenty of room if you...
  10. jake

    Viper Evolution

    Just finished this Mark VII and thought Id shoot all three of my Vipers together. Thanks for looking jake
  11. jake

    Obi-wan lightsaber

    Got back from my Rhode Island trip to realize my daughters birthday is coming up and guess what she wanted? So I was off to Lowe's to hunt down some bits and pieces and with a lot of work got this done early this morning. Just need to attach the D ring as soon as the paint dries. Now its time...
  12. jake

    MPC Millennium Falcon

    Hi all, Been working on this kit for a week now and haven't even touched the actual kit yet except for the fact that I don't like the canopy part. So Ive decided to make a new one. Needed to make it a little longer and therefor look a tad larger. The diameter is only a couple mm bigger than...
  13. jake

    MPC Falcon cockpit tunnel upgrade

    I'm trying to scratch-build a tunnel and cockpit for the MPC Falcon kit to try and bring it up to the correct (bigger) size. But, I'm having a heck of a time. I just cant seem to get it looking right. Does anyone know of an aftermarket resin cockpit or know any tricks? Ive used PVC and...
  14. jake


    Hi Guys, not sure where to post this but since this is the sci-fi section.... My nephew knows I build a lot of Star Wars stuff and he has recently (at 7) discovered the series. He asked me to build him a lightsaber. Just the hilt or handle. So me never have built a prop before dove right in...
  15. jake

    ribbed plastic sheet

    Anybody know where I can order some of the ribbed sheet plastic? I think its used on some model train stuff. I want it to use on the top of an X-wing engine intake. I just cant seem to find it online. Here's a pic. Thanks
  16. jake

    Some more NASCAR,,, Anybody like "Bad Brad"?

    Here is a COT I built last year with some aftermarket decals and some bondo to the nose to make the Chevy kit a Dodge. Hope you like.
  17. jake

    Red leader MPC X-wing

    Hi, I've been working on this kit for a few weeks now and am getting close, or closer... to finally completing this thing. I wanted to make it look better than what the kit originally was so I searched and used a lot of what I found on the net as a guide to beef this sucker up! I have used...
  18. jake

    Couple NASCAR builds

    Here's a couple of my many NASCAR builds. I became very burned out so I've really thrown myself int sci-fi lately. Thanks for looking
  19. jake

    Hasbro A-wing

    This is my old old Hasbro A-wing toy. I tore it apart and sanded all the raised panel lines off and re-scribed them. After a quick re-assembly it was painted and heavily weathered to try and match the studio scale A-wing. I also scratch built the lazer cannons. The thing I like about this is...
  20. jake

    Draconian Marauder

    Here is my latest. Airbrushed with a custom mix of acrylics and weathered with pastels. Thanks for looking and thanks guys for helping me figure out the pic posting ;D.