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  1. Ozzman78

    Solo DL-44 (Rubies)

    Thanks for the positive reviews everyone!
  2. Ozzman78

    Solo DL-44 (Rubies)

    LOL! No, its safely hung on the wall in the Star Wars room. ;) Thanks for looking!
  3. Ozzman78

    FSM Tie Fighters

    I just got the December issue of Fine Sale Modeler and right away jumped to the article about the Bandai X1 and standard Tie build. I have long been frustrated by the lack of good science fiction builds in the magazine, very much so by the piss poor Star Wars builds. So, I should not have...
  4. Ozzman78

    Solo DL-44 (Rubies)

    While shopping for Halloween gear for the house this year I bumped into Rubies Han Solo blaster. I have long heard that this toy makes a decent prop when painted. So I picked it up and went about making up a version inspired by ANH reference photos. I filled the body with plumbers putty to give...
  5. Ozzman78

    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

    Thanks for the positive comments everyone. Gold leader is finished! Rust marks, oil leaks, burns and general filth were the final touches. Overall I'm happy with the results and think I managed a decent match to the ILM version.
  6. Ozzman78

    Barking Mad

    The blunt nose is a little bat like for my taste but your paint job is fantastic. I dig the warm gray you used for the body.
  7. Ozzman78

    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

    Funny you say that... I was showing a buddy of mine photos on my cell, when he asked how big it was he put his hands apart at a width that would equal the studio scale version. He was stunned when I said it would fit in the palm of your hand. Bandai truly did an amazing job packing in the...
  8. Ozzman78

    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

    Thanks Q!
  9. Ozzman78

    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

    Got a bit more done. Black chips are done and all the decals are on.
  10. Ozzman78

    Die Jedi dogs. Bandai Clone Trooper (Blue)

    Looking good!!
  11. Ozzman78

    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

    Got some more time in on gold leader. More of the color is down, weathering and decals started.
  12. Ozzman78

    Into Darkness Enterprise NCC-1701

    Looking good Q, keep it up!
  13. Ozzman78

    Ma. K Luna Pawn 1/20

    Looks great! Really nice work.
  14. Ozzman78

    Gorgon Sister - The Scorpion

  15. Ozzman78

    Really? Yet another Bandai X-Wing.

    Always good to see another x-wing! I'm with Q, looks good for post swamp Red 5. Little heavy for the trench run version.
  16. Ozzman78

    Really? Yet another Bandai X-Wing.

    Re: Bandai 1/72 X-Wing Fighter I've built most of ANH red squadron with this kit (working on red leader now) and I base coated mine pure white. When you do your panel wash, do a sludge wash over the whole model with a dark brown, that will stain the white with the warmth your looking for. Do...
  17. Ozzman78

    Bandai star destroyer

    Awesome! Really like that idea, great execution.
  18. Ozzman78

    Planet Destruct Wapon 1/10000

    Cool! Kinda has the profile of the vampire ship from Life Force, non organic of course.
  19. Ozzman78

    1:12 Endor Stormtrooper

    Looks great, nice use of the bandai trooper.
  20. Ozzman78

    Pink Squadron X-Wing ca. 1/160 von Bandai

    Now I've seen it all! Shouldn't you have a R2-KT in the RIO position?