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  1. Ohm

    1/24 scale driving figures (in search of)

    I know you are looking for figures only not in a car kit so you don't have to buy the car as well but since we are on the subject of driver figures in 1/24 - 1/25 Toyoda Model AA Tamiya No. 24339 1:24 Civilian driver figure...
  2. Ohm

    painting instructions

    ok, you got the help already. I guess I took too long working on the solution, LOL Welcome to the SMA Forums, @mamaofamodeler
  3. Ohm

    painting instructions

    Those are Tamiya color, paint mixing ratios. Example in instructions. Hope that helps...
  4. Ohm

    1:35 Manned Walker

    Yeah, cool build
  5. Ohm

    SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

    Nice figure sets
  6. Ohm

    Brush paints

    Quick answer: Acrylic Lacquer dries faster than enamel. Sprays in thinner coats than enamel. I'll come back to this an add more comparisons.
  7. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    "Code 3' effect these images really bring out the "toy" in this ambulance van
  8. Gaza-Ambulance5-night.jpg


  9. Gaza-Ambulance4-night.jpg


  10. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    I don't but I've referenced the top script nd it reads, AMBULANCE. I don't know what the sentence below it reads tho.
  11. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    ok cool, if you're interested then I'll pop a couple AA batteries in the bottom and turn it on. And take a few pics. I didn't wire the front "light" bar, however.
  12. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    I guess I should have put the word "light" in quotes. It is a static model :)
  13. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    Thanks for checking it out and for your comment.
  14. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    I masked off the clear light parts and sprayed aerosol aluminum color. The clear lights were horse-hair painted acrylic clear red. The rear light was already included with the original toy so I just painted it clear red as well. The insignia and placards were sourced from the internet then...
  15. Gaza-Ambulance-3999808.jpg


  16. Gaza-Ambulance-2999808.jpg


  17. Gaza-Ambulance-1999808.jpg


  18. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    The light bar parts are from an electronic component that I disassembled.
  19. Gaza-Ambulance-conversion-lightbar.jpg


  20. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    Lol. That's when you know that I don't actually know the scale but only it's approximation