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  1. Jared

    10% OFF for KOMBINAT kits - June only

    10% OFF for the Scale Model Addict community (in addition to the prices below!): Link: These are kits displayed here and here. Please email me [email protected] or send a message for coupons. Best, Jared
  2. Jared

    Dioramas for the 5DR mech and MILVUS-62 drone

    Hi It's cool to be back here with new stuff :) A new thing I'd like to share. These are the 5DR "Rescue labor" mech with a mechanic, and a new model MILVUS-62 drone with an operator mini. Both on display with dioramas during the miniature paint festival in Warsaw this weekend. All of them are...
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  5. Jared

    A huge detailed Soviet mecha

    Hi. Huge discount for ther end-year:
  6. Jared

    Rescue Labor mecha and preorders – year-end inventory

    Hi! Before I post about new kits, here's something for the mecha (article). RARE $200 reduction due to year-end inventory and for HAPPY 2022. Email me [email protected] or send a message for coupons BEFORE SATURDAY...
  7. Jared

    Comment by 'Jared' in media 'painted8.jpg'

    Based on popular feedback from modelers assembling this model, you have more weeks of fun than with a simple classic model. Not to mention more satisfaction. It's like sports cars, you know...
  8. Jared

    Comment by 'Jared' in media 'painted8.jpg'

    Hi! One of the best deals is currently here: Contact me for more info :)
  9. Jared

    A huge detailed Soviet mecha

    For those looking for detailed info on the Rescue Labor 5DR mecha resin kit, here's a new inbox review from GalaxyKits sci-fi model news site: (English auto-translation available).
  10. Jared

    A huge detailed Soviet mecha

    Silicone molds, traditional way. Some WIP pictures can be found on TheKombinat facebook and ArtStation.
  11. Jared

    A huge detailed Soviet mecha

    Currently this is my company, the work comes from my and friend's original projects. /Jared/
  12. Jared

    A huge detailed Soviet mecha

    Hi! Non-standard, sci-fi/what-if designs that look believable, intrigue me. Friends convinced me to turn this mech into usable model kit instead of keeping for myself just one copy. Months and months later here it is. A technical rescue machine 5DR code-named "Rescue Labor". Hope you like it...
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