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  1. ShutterAce

    Hs 129B-2 Rudolf-Heinz Albert Ruffer.

    Top notch detailing! :o
  2. ShutterAce

    British SE5

    Great work Bill! Sometimes I miss those old days where all you needed was a single exploded view drawing for an instruction sheet. :D As far as the rigging goes I use monofilament fishing line anchored with super glue. Why? Well mainly because I like to fish so I already have the stuff around...
  3. ShutterAce

    Matchbox BF109 E (1/32nd )

    First look at this thread. Wow Chris! The whole thing is sweet but that paint work rocks! ;D
  4. ShutterAce

    B-17 (Revell/Monogram 1:48)

    Gee look what happens when I'm not around! ;D Awesome stuff Jason! Yep they are big but still one of my favorite kits.
  5. ShutterAce


    Hey Guys, thanks for the kudos. It was very well received. Tribute builds are quite enjoyable and enlightening. Even more so when you actually get to shake the hand of the person himself. If you ever get the chance do not pass it up. ;)
  6. ShutterAce

    Revell B-26 Marauder 1/48

    This is really looking good!
  7. ShutterAce

    Bf 109G-10 1/48 -Revell

    looks great from here. :)
  8. ShutterAce

    BF 109E

    Um.... Hey Spud..... THAT THING DOESN"T HAVE ANY TRACKS!!! ;D ;D ;D
  9. ShutterAce


    Just in time! :P During WW2 Richard Dunnette Link trained in PBY's at Corpus Christi and later flew PBM's operationally in the pacific. Monday will be his 91st birthday. I'll be delivering this to his daughter tomorrow afternoon. I made sure it was well used. A lot of training aircraft were...
  10. ShutterAce

    1/48 twin mustang?

    That is the only one that I know of too. I here she a bear to get together.
  11. ShutterAce

    Workbench Update: August 2012 - Part 1

    Thanks Holden, She 1/48 scale with a span of about 26" or so. Not much smaller than the 4 engine bombers. She had to carry a lot of gas.
  12. ShutterAce

    Workbench Update: August 2012 - Part 1

    Thanks guys, she does go together quick although to be honest I did not spend a whole lot of time on the interior. Interior green and black panels with a drybrush of light gray and that was it. Engines were sprayed black and the crankcases hand painted gray. At this time she is complete except...
  13. ShutterAce

    Workbench Update: August 2012 - Part 1

    Like this? ;D
  14. ShutterAce

    Workbench Update: August 2012 - Part 1

    LT. jg Richard Dunnette Link flew PBM's during WWII after training in Corpus Christi on PBY's. Mr. Link's 91st birthday is Monday September 3rd and I have the honor of building this for him in markings similar to the a/c he trained in. I finished the primer yesterday morning before work and did...
  15. ShutterAce

    AH-64A "Devils Dance", C Company 1/229 Attack Helicopter Battalion **Finished**

    Sometimes there is only one thing to say... Dude!!! :o :o :o :o
  16. ShutterAce

    An up date

    Nice DB. Lots of projects. What's the story with grandpa and the Buccaneer? The videos get easier with each one. I've always been a one take guy. I think the "off the cuff" nature is what keeps them interesting. I try to keep them fun or funny as the case may be. Usually I don't have tp try too...
  17. ShutterAce

    Your In-Room Entertainment ?

    I have my stereo for tunes and an old PC running Ubuntu so I can do some research or listen to a podcast if I want. It's great for finding information when working on the cars too. :D
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    DML s.IG.33 auf pz III

    Great job on those figures!
  19. ShutterAce

    So... how many finished models you have?

    I've got 16 in my possession. 3 that are in good homes, and one that lives with a boy in New Mexico somewhere. Granted this is just since I started back at the hobby @ 3 years ago. If we want to go back to everything I've ever built I have no idea. It's definitely in the hundreds though. All I...
  20. ShutterAce

    So... How big is your stash?

    Video stash tour ahead :P 2013 IPMS USA Nats Plea for HELP