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  1. Ozzman78

    FSM Tie Fighters

    I just got the December issue of Fine Sale Modeler and right away jumped to the article about the Bandai X1 and standard Tie build. I have long been frustrated by the lack of good science fiction builds in the magazine, very much so by the piss poor Star Wars builds. So, I should not have...
  2. Ozzman78

    Solo DL-44 (Rubies)

    While shopping for Halloween gear for the house this year I bumped into Rubies Han Solo blaster. I have long heard that this toy makes a decent prop when painted. So I picked it up and went about making up a version inspired by ANH reference photos. I filled the body with plumbers putty to give...
  3. Ozzman78

    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

    I decided my X-Wings needed friends, why not some Yavin Y-wings. I started with Gold Leader or Tie Killer as its is often called because of the single Tie Fighter image on the nose. Since ILM reference for this bird is so hard to come by I'm using the EFX paint master as a guide for colors. Yep...
  4. Ozzman78

    TFA T-70 X-Wing Red Squadron

    In The Force Awakens we see a few red squadron pilots, Poe even calls a couple to cover him, but we never see the ships. I decided to fix that and work on a red T70. Rather than build blue 3 and swap out the blue for red I used the color palette I have for all the ANH birds I've been working on...
  5. Ozzman78

    Red 3 (all wings report in continues)

    Red 3 is in the works! Ever notice that stumpy engine in the bandai box? That is red 3's upper starboard engine. Also, red 3's upper engines are in the opposite configuration compared to red 5. Meaning you should have the engine with the rib running front to back on the starboard side, not the...
  6. Ozzman78

    Red 5 (all wings report in continued)

    So I'm on to the x-wing we all know like the back of our hands. Has to be done to complete the project but its a bit dull to work on. Few photos of where I'm at with Luke's ride:
  7. Ozzman78

    Red 4 (all wings report in continues)

    Now that Red 6 is finished I have moved on to Red 4. Just like Red 6 I have made some changes to the markings. I'm going for a bit less symmetry than you see in most builds and mixing up the color with variations of yellow, tan, and gray. For example I have made one of the engine bands gray...
  8. Ozzman78

    Red 6 (All Wings Report In - redux)

    Its been almost a year since I've worked on the Red Squadron project. I have decided to start over with the Bandai x-wing kits. The 1:48 Revell kits were ok but like just about every other modeler I could not pass up the detail of the Bandai 1:72 kits. So I started in reverse this time around...
  9. Ozzman78

    CVN 65 circa 1976 finished

    Good, bad, or otherwise the old man's gift is done. I have never worked on anything this tiny and it was a real pain in the you know what. Hope he loves it. Let the cruddy cell phone pics begin.
  10. Ozzman78

    Enterprise CVN 65 HELP!

    I need some huge help from the SMA ship builders. I'm a sci fi guy so I don't know squat about ships. My Fathers 60th is in a month, I would love to present him with a model of the Enterprise from the era he served. Looking to build in the museum style, clean, no weathering, so forth. The kit...
  11. Ozzman78

    Yet another MPC Falcon

    This is my Falcon, there are many like it, but this one is mine. So I have been working on the Falcon off and on for almost a year now. I didn't do a full build log as SMA has those well in hand. This is a mostly OOB build with a few extra whatnots, dodads, and greeblies, added to the side...
  12. Ozzman78

    All Wings Report In... (Battle of Yavin Red Squadron Build)

    So the next project is all the x-wings from the battle of yavin. Well at least 1-6. I have reference for 12 but not 7-11 (if any has a lead on that let me know). I know I need to wrap up the sucker punch B25, Vader's X1, and the Falcon but had to get started on this. So the first thing I have...
  13. Ozzman78

    Revell Lambda Class T-4a Shuttle

    I just finished up the Revell Lambda shuttle. OOB build, quick and easy kit to work on. I did not repaint the kit but did add some paint details, a wash, and a layer of dullcoat. For a simple snap kit it does build up nice. I'm still on the hunt for a MPC shuttle but this will hold its place in...
  14. Ozzman78

    Sucker Punch B-25 Build Log

    The new project on the bench is the B-25 "Strap On" from the film Sucker Punch. I decided a bash and cut of the Revell B-25J is the place to start. I'm going for this: Using this: To do list includes: Jet engine on the right side Replace left 50cal window with a jump door 2 mini guns on...
  15. Ozzman78

    Sucker Punch B25 Help

    I'm planing a build of the B25 Mitchell "Strap On" from the film Sucker Punch. Say what you will about the film but that bomber is cool. Its so ridiculously modified it has to be a great build. I have several screen caps and the Adam Johnson drawings. I think a B25J would be the best place to...
  16. Ozzman78

    MPC X-1 Tie Fighter Build

    Wanted to share my X-1 with the SMA family. Mostly OOB build, did add a bit of random detail to the top hatch. The kit part is seriously lacking in detail. Paint will be ANH screen appearance, so camo gray. I will be adding some paint touches to jazz it up that ILM didn't bother with. Some...
  17. Ozzman78

    1/1000 TOS Enterprise (fathers day gift WIP)

    My fathers surprise 1/1000 TOS Enterprise finally arrived in the mail yesterday. Since time is short work began right away. As many of you know its a snap kit, however glue, putty, and sanding come into play to make this ship perfect. I'm building the production ship version, the kit provides...
  18. Ozzman78

    Scott's Falcon Docking Ring detail?

    Does anyone have a link to where I can find the Millennium Falcon docking ring details Scott used in his old youtube video? I've searched the site and I'm coming up will nada.
  19. Ozzman78

    AMT Star Destroyer

    I just finished the AMT Star Destroyer. Picked it up for $15 on ebay and I must say it was a fun build. If you have not built one, everything you have heard is true, the kit stinks. Its in the shape of a SD but that is about all that is correct. Detail and fit are horrible. A lot of glue, putty...
  20. Ozzman78

    Apollo's Mark VII

    Got another build to share with the SMA family, Apollo's Mark VII. iphone shots are not the best but I think the sharp eyes in this group will be able to see past my lame photography skills. Build is OOB, paint based on the CG mock-up images from the show.