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  1. Eagle-1

    The Battlestar Galactica Moebius should have made!

    How do everybody! I know it's getting a little age on it now, but any interest in seeing yet another Moebius TOS Battlestar Galactica build? I know it's been done before, but maybe not like I am? Rob.
  2. Eagle-1

    Aoshima Road Warrior Interceptor conversion.

    Hello again everyone! I started this conversion awhile back and have had a few other projects come along. Since this model is for me, It has been boxed again till I can finish it. Here's the one: It's the Aoshima Road Warrior version of the interceptor. This kit comes as the beat up...
  3. Eagle-1

    Eddie and Ercie Hill Top Fuel Dragster.

    Here's a kit I completed awhile back. Found a bunch of these kits when Big Lots used to have some kits for the huge sum of $.99 cents each. I bought two, but I should have picked up the other 20 or so they had. How often do we find them for a dollar anymore? I built it mostly out of the box...
  4. Eagle-1

    "Howdy" from way down yonder in the bayou country!

    Hello everybody. My name is Robert Hobby. Call me Rob. Rob.