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  1. JonW

    3d printing: Little green wagon

    A friend of mine has a Sublime Green Dodge Charger. So when I saw this filament, I bought it with the idea of making something for him with my 3D printer. I downloaded the steering wheel and seat from Thingiverse, and the wheelie bar connecting rods are stainless steel rod. I designed and built...
  2. JonW

    Decals not sticking

    On my last model, the decals did not want to stick. They were from a sheet of decal paper that I used previously with no problem. The only thing I can think of is that I got the clear on too heavy. Would this cause them not to stick?
  3. JonW

    Brushable stainless steel paint?

    Does anyone make a brushable paint that truly looks like stainless steel? Like chrome with a bit less shine or gloss.
  4. JonW

    Not really a scale model. A hot rod little red wagon.

    This isn't really a scale model, but it's a project I've been working on for a few weeks. I was at a huge car show a few weeks ago and saw a little red wagon that had been made into a hot rod. It inspired me, and I thought, "I can do that". So here it is. The axles and spindles, gauges and all...
  5. JonW

    My experiments with chrome paint and clear coat

    I've been making 1:18 light bars and other police car parts with my 3D printer. I needed a way to paint them with chrome paint. The problem is that with most chrome paint, you cannot touch the part after painting or it could turn dull where it's touched. The other issue is that trying to protect...
  6. JonW

    1:18 scale surfboards?

    Anyone know where to get pre-painted 1:18 scale surfboards? I've searched the Net but came up empty handed.
  7. JonW

    For those of you that have BOTH an FDM printer and SLA printer, I have questions

    I have an FDM 3D printer and am fairly proficient with it. Lately I've been making smaller parts, such as spot lights and light bars for 1:18 scale diecasts. I'm considering getting an SLA (resin) printer to do those parts with. If you have both kinds of printers, which one do you use the most...
  8. JonW

    1953 Studebaker custom 1:18 diecast

    One of the guys at work modified and repainted this 1:18 diecast to make a perfect replica of my wife's 1953 Studebaker. He does amazing work.
  9. JonW

    Conversion for factory paint codes to Hex or RGB?

    Is there a way to convert a factory paint code, say from a 1966 Biscayne (code T), to hexidecimal or RGB? I'm having a devil of a time trying to make decals that match a diecast car I'm working on.
  10. JonW

    Chrome paint and Krylon clear issues - need advice, please

    I have both a chrome Molotow pen and ACE Hardware spray paint that I use for "chrome" on items made with my 3D printer. Both work fine. However, when I spray them with Krylon Crystal Clear, they turn battleship gray. I've used Krylon Crystal Clear for many years and never had this happen. Is it...
  11. JonW

    Making police cars out of 1:18 scale diecast muscle cars

    I like muscle cars and I like police cars, and I own both. I bought a 3D printer to have something to do during downtime over the last year, and thought I would try my hand at making spot lights, light bars, push bumpers, etc. to make fantasy police cars out of muscle cars. I start with a 1:18...
  12. JonW

    Need advice for decals on white paper

    I've just recently started making police cars out of 1:18 scale diecast muscle cars. One of the issues I've had is working with white decal paper. No matter how careful I am, and whether I'm using Tamiya scissors or a new blade for my Xacto knife, the edges of my decals are white. I printed a...
  13. JonW

    New guy back in the game after 50 years

    Hey, everyone. I bought a 3D printer a year ago to have something to do during the pandemic. I've taken an interest in printing light bars, spot lights, etc. to make police cars out of 1:18 scale diecast muscle cars. This is my first attempt at modeling in about 50 years, and of course, the 3D...