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    Water based acrylic coming off diorama

    I sprayed some thinned waterbased acrylic onto my dio that I'm practising techniques with. The colour is over the top of craft glued ash that is solid. After I had painted it I attached some static grass and turned it upside down and tapped it. I noticed later that some spots had exposed ash...
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    Beginners Cheap Airbrush Set-Up Reviewed/Noob finds his feet with an airbrush

    Hi guys, I wanted to give an update on this set-up as it is now complete.,6852.0.html I was awaiting the gauge as the gauge built-in measure psi to the tank but not leaving it so I couldn't control the fluctuation to the brush itself. I have...
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    Does anyone know how to prevent or fix cracked air-dry clay

    I'm having a bash at making terrain for the first time. I have used air-dry clay on the board and whilst drying it has cracked and released from the board in some spots. I plan to glue it back onto the board where it has come loose and was going to try one tip of adding more wet clay to fill the...
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    Had to share: Cheapest sandbags ever (dirt, pva and tissues)

    how to make sandbags (model) Sorry, I tried to embed this but every preview showed it didn't work so you got a link instead. EDIT: If you just copy the link straight from your browser address bar, it should embed itself automatically. K~
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    First time EVER with an airbrush please help

    Hi Guys, So I will tell you the story start to finish and perhaps you can tell me the abundance of newbie mistakes I have made that may help. I set up my airbrush, I am still waiting for the inline air guage I will attach so the pressure sat at around 20 psi and wouldn't go up much farther...
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    Beginners Cheap Airbrush Set-Up

    I have noticed one area where there is controversy of tools and that is the airbrush. I will probably be told off for this but I thought I would show what I have acquired as a FIRST airbrush set-up. That is a set-up I can try out and see if a) I can airbrush b) if I like airbrushing over brush...
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    Plaster wall

    I was confused whether this went in this thread or the paint one as it pertains to both. I used the below technique to make for first ever attempt at anything diorama related. It looks ok for a first go but a couple of points I wanted help on. The edge of the card where the bricks are exposed...
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    Can I use an airbrush outside?

    this may be a silly question. I'm returning to the hobby after several years break and will be, for the first time, using an airbrush. I have two kids, one is still napping, and a wife who insists that whispering is to loud when he is asleep so I'm thinking most of my painting needs to be down...
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    I'm back

    Hi, I used to paint models when I was younger up until about ten years ago. I stopped around when I met my wife but not because of her. At that point I had just purchased my first vinyl model, robocop, so I could try something new. I was never crash hot and I had only used brushes with varied...