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    Tamiya Mosquito

    This my latest project that just finished. It is the 1/48 scale Tamiya Mosquito Mk VI done up as a Coastal Command plane from 404 Sq. RCAF. I added a CMK resin cockpit set. When all closed up with the canopy on you really can't tell the difference. I used Ultacast drop tanks, and I also used...
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    Classic Airframes TA-4J Skyhawk

    Just finished my latest project. Bought the kit at a model show back in Sept of 2014. This kit needed a lot of work. Every joint had have some work done on it. It seemed for a month all I did was sand, but all in all it was a fun build. I would love to do another TA-4J but I think I am going to...
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    Field Marshall Monty

    Verlinden bust of Monty. Painted with Vallejo acrylic paint.
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    Hasegawa 48 scale AU-1

    Decals came from the kit. The day-glo orange is Model Master acrylic. I used Eduard photo-etch seat belts. The rest of the paint is Vallejo. All comments are welcome.
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    Tamiya Fairey Swordfish

    This my latest project Tamiya's 48 scale Swordfish. As of right now I am doing a Bismark attacking Swordfish. I am trying to find some aftermarket decals but they are either hard to come by, or really expensive. I also have the Tamiya photo-etch set that gives the brace wires for the wings. As...
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    Tamiya 48 scale FW 190 A8

    2nd model finished in about a month. A record for me I think. This one is OOB. I used Vallejo paints for this one. All comments welcome. Wayne
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    Montana F-16C

    Hi all, Here is my latest finished project. Tamiya's 48 scale F-16C. The aftermarket stuff used was the following: Aires wheel well, Master pitot tube and AOA probes, Afterburner decals, Shull24 exhaust, Steel Beach covered ejection seat. I also used the stiffener plates from CrossDelta...
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    GySgt Dan Daly USMC 1/9th scale

    The figure is from The Regimental. The first one I have worked from this company.
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    US 82nd Paratrooper

    This my second entry in the Spring contest. It is Alpine's 1/16th scale US Paratrooper.
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    Eduard Mig-21 SMT 48 scale

    I sent my entry off to Scott so I should start the build thread. One of my entries will be as the title suggests a Mig-21 SMT. I am going to add the Brassin cockpit set for the SMT. Here is the pic I sent to Scott. Wayne
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    German Cossack

    I forget who the maker is for this bust, it my first attempt at painting a large scale bust. All comments are welcome. Wayne
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    Eduard Mig-29 48 scale

    Starting a new build, no time limit on this one. 48 scale Eduard boxing of the Academy Mig-29. Added goodies that come in the kit is a resin cockpit. I will be adding a Quickboost corrected resin nose, Brassin wheels, Brassin exhausts and Brassin R-27 missiles. Wayne
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    Tamiya 48 scale Beaufighter

    Here is my entry. One of these time I should finish a kit. My track record is very dismal. So here it goes. 1/48 scale Tamiya Bristol Beaufighter. I plan on doing the 96th Fighter Sq. based in Scotland. It is going to be done in a grey/green scheme which will be good for weathering. It is also...
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    Classic Airframes Fairey Gannet 48 scale

    Well my track record for finishing a build is pretty bad. This one is going to be finished! Six months is a decent time frame for me to finish a kit. So without further rambling here is my entry into this GB. It is Classic Airframes 48 scale Fairey Gannet. I am going to do it in West German...
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    second entry

    My second entry is a figure. It is a 32nd scale Ultracast figure of Werner Molders. The first pic is the standard newspaper pic and the second is a close up of the picture on the package.
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    P-51B Suzy G

    One of my builds is going to be Tamiya's 48 scale P-51B. I am going to be building out of the box but using AeroMasters decals for Suzy G. It is one of the 4 yellow nosed Mustangs in the well known picture. The reason I am doing Suzy G is my wife's name is Susan and when she was little her...
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    Classic Airframes Vampire Mk3 48 scale

    Here is my latest finished product. Arrow Graphics decals for 442 Squadron circa 1949 based in British Columbia Canada. I used Hawkeye's Talon paint for the natural metal finish. All comments are welcome. Wayne
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    Eduard Hellcat 48 scale

    It is that time of year when I start to multi-multi-task. There are 2 contest approaching in my part of the world and I am scrambling to get things done. While I am trying to get the Draken and Vampire done, I decided to start a Hellcat for the CAMS special theme at the end of May. So here is...
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    Hasegawa 48 scale Draken

    I have wanted to build a Draken for a long time. I was able to get this kit from the door prize table at CAMS a few years ago. I have the Aires cockpit set for it as well as the Quickboost IR chin pod. I am going to do it up in the grey scheme with the day-glo numbers. Here a few pics to start...
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    a few more

    A few more of my models. the bottom, the bomb bay was scratchbuilt