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  1. ModelMan

    Review: CC Discovery Command Module

    It was July/August, 2007 when Scott announced a limited run of 15 of these kits, the COmmand Module off his 11ft XD-1 Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Captain immediately got closer to 30 orders, mine amongst them. With expected delivery the following month, there was great...
  2. ModelMan

    MPC Glow Vader & Pair o' Protocols

    These three models serve as testbeds for upcoming jupiter2 work. Most of Vader was done in December. He sat until this recent session with alclad paints and was finished off. The minor metal on his body wasn't enough practice for the J2, so I broke out both of my 3-PO's as well. One was...
  3. ModelMan

    Alclad Chip Chart

    With the smooth 1/650 1701 on the market, what good is the old gridded saucer? Clockwise starting with the aluminums, then the 'precious metals', the burnts and exhausts, concluding with the two steels, magnesium and chrome going on midnight. The two Lexan metals are not represented as I...
  4. ModelMan

    The pseudo-annual ebay charity auction!

    Hey folks, up for grabs starting at $5 or $10 each are the following kits and such from me, Round 2 and Scale Model Addict Magazine! The 6th or 7th pseudo-annual ebay charity auction; Mar2014 Sci-fi: AMT Death Star, 1/420 Defiant, 1/1000 Romulan D-7, 1/2500 Romulan Warbird, The...
  5. ModelMan

    New at Modeler's Brand: 2014!

    Light the clear 1701-D without trenching the pylons! A construction guide is documented in this video playlist...
  6. ModelMan

    The 4th or 5th Pseudo-Annual ebay charity auction

    It's on! A few days in now, actually. Ends this Sunday night, Sept 1st! Details for the Pseduo-Annual Chairty Auction Aug2013! 32 items, half are kits, the rest are tools, supplies and good stuff! Check out the master list of items here. 100% goes...
  7. ModelMan

    Call for John Skerm

    Hi Jon, Congrats on winning! Scott sent me your name and address but didn't have your username available. I want to offer you your choice of Modeler's Brand prizes. Please om me thru this forum and we will get you your gear! Best, ModelMan, Tom
  8. ModelMan

    Happy 2013!

    Happy New Year's from California, everyone!
  9. ModelMan

    ebay charity auction

    24 kits of one kind or another are on the block! Lots of cars, but the other half is all Trek! With over a dozen car/truck/plane kits, the Round 2 stash ncludes the Trek Cadet Series Movie Pack of Refit, Reliant and KTinga! All the other Cadets are there too, the 1/1400 1701-C, the...
  10. ModelMan

    2001: Space Odyssey

    A look at the book, 2001: The Lost Science by Adam Johnson (AJA Models). Filled with TONS of unique and hi-rez pix! What a great treatise on the subject of the models in 2001. Even a standard Kubrick fan will consider this a must have! TheBookReport: 2001 TheLostScience by Adam K. Johnson...
  11. ModelMan

    The One Million Mark

    It sounds hard to believe. A million anything is a lot. As of the other day my ~1,000 videos have, on average, been watched ~1,000 times each in just over 4yrs of posting! So... On the Bench for October 14, 2012: One Million Video Views! (And quick notes re: J2, 1701 Lighting kit, a lightsaber...
  12. ModelMan

    More Endeavour

    Rolling out of the hangar, last friday night. Barely made it in time! listed 2am so I figured I'd get there early and set up at 11pm -only to see it on the move already!!! More vids to come, rolling down the street.
  13. ModelMan

    Endeavor over Mount Hollywood

    Here's everything I got of the Shuttle. A buddy got an invite to JPL so he went there. I decided Griffith Observatory was the best vantage point and climbed Mt. hollywood. At 1,600 feet, the small crowd was way above the Observatory, giving us a view of the entire flight path around the...
  14. ModelMan

    OOB Review: 1/350TOS Enterprise and All Accessories!

    Like the title says, here it is! POL880: Standard Edition Kit MKA004: Supplemental Parts Pack (pilot parts) MKA005: Deluxe Accessory Set (light kit, weathering decals, photoetch) MKA007: Light Kit MKA008: Weathering decals MKA009: Photoetch parts MKA010: Registry Decals Special thanks to Jamie...
  15. ModelMan

    Modeler's Brand 1st Anniversary Sale

    Hey guys, This is Modeler's Brand's 1st anniversary and I am having a 10% sale now thru the end of September. Any order, any size, as long as it's placed and paid for before Sept 30 gets 10% off. My regular customers already know I like to discount and round down their orders. Now, get...
  16. ModelMan

    [email protected], the Presentation!

    Hey all, Looks like the WF2012 video is now live!!! Round2 Models at Wonderfest, 2012. There's a new R2 blog as well. I gotta offer my mea maxima culpa to you all for the time it took to get this project done. My effort was volunteer and I couldn't throw the...
  17. ModelMan

    A Round 2, 11 Trek Kits Review!

    It's the biggest pile of trek plastic I have ever seen in my life! So much so, that I had to break the review into several pieces. Overview OoB Review: 11 kit Round2 Review! Overview pt 1/5 Cadet Series Enterprise's OoB Review: 11 kit Round2 Review! The Cadet Series pt2/5 The Adversaries and...
  18. ModelMan

    Modeler's Brand Prize Packs

    VERY sorry for the delay in this announcement, I'm hoping to post a video by tomorrow (I'm hoping)... Rather than a generic LED supply kit as I've done for the last two years, now that I'm Modeler's Brand, I'm upping the ante! Not one, not two, but THREE prizes! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the...
  19. ModelMan


    By popular acclaim across several forums, Modeler's Brand presents: Ready to ship: The Mystery Glow Kit! Featuring: 18 segments of Smooth Double-Density Ultra-violet LEDTape 5 3mm Round UV LED's 5 5mm Straw Hat UV LED's 5 470 ohm Resistors 5 1k ohm Resistors 5 2k ohm Resistors 4' Hook up wire...
  20. ModelMan


    Back around New Years, I took a 24hr break from the Juptier 2 to knock this puppy out. I don't think anything like this has been done before?