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  1. cobraleader

    Italeri Ju-52 Where Eagles Dare

    G'Day All, I'm working on the Italeri 1/72 Ju-52 and dressing is up to represent the aircraft used in the movie Where Eagles Dare. Unfortunately, you only see it at the beginning and end of the movie. The kit comes with extra parts that allows this version of the aircraft to be made...
  2. cobraleader


    G'Day All, I'm in way over my head on this one. I'm looking for information/plans to build a electronic circuit that can 1. Have audio sound at timed intervals 2. Turn on a motor at a timed interval - be nice if it could replicate an aircraft engine starting up 3. activate lights at time...
  3. cobraleader

    30 mm Anakin Skywalker

    G'Day All, Here is a Knights Models 30mm Anakin Figure.
  4. cobraleader

    30mm Chewbacca

    G'Day All, Chewbacca carrying C-3PO figure from the Knights Models range.
  5. cobraleader

    Macross Destroid Spartan

    G'Day All, Here is my completed Bandai 1/72 Destroid Spartan. Built out of the box.
  6. cobraleader

    Macross Plus YF-19

    G'Day All, After 2 years, finally finished this project. This is the Hasegawa 1/72 scale kit. Built out of the box.
  7. cobraleader

    101st Easy Co. Airbourne Thompson Gunner

    G'Day All, Another one finished for the year. This one was a challenge with a mate, I was trying to describe the layering technique in painting figures. This is the 120 Verlinden 101st Easy Co Thompson Gunner figured. Used mainly Citadel paints for majority of the figure except the face, which...
  8. cobraleader

    Matchbox Me-110 Shelf Queen

    G'Day All, Time to dust off a few shelf queens and get them completed. Here is an old Matchbox Me-110 kit. The original kit decals are not able to be used - broken, yellowed, too thick. So I found some other marking that appealed and went with it. I'm painting the model as Blue 235 - a...
  9. cobraleader

    Andrea Miniature Technocop

    G'Day All, Started working on Andrea's Miniatures 54mm Technocop (Robocop). Glued it all together, cleaned up some seam lines, primed and then painted with Citadel Paints. Using Black as a base, built up layers on the figure using 3 metallic colors and then dry brushed with the lighter color...
  10. cobraleader

    Australia - QMHE 2012

    G'Day All, This weekend (8/9 Sept) we have our local Hobby Expo - Queensland Model Hobby Expo. Thanks Cheers
  11. cobraleader

    WW II Diorama

    G'Day All, Kinda in a modelling dead-end at present. So to break out of it, thought I'd try something out of my comfort zone. I'm working with a Tamiya 20mm Flakvierling and Dragon 2nd Armoured figure set to combine into a diorama. Everything is OOB, but looking for a wow factor, as my plan at...
  12. cobraleader

    Figure Painting How ???

    G'Day All, Didn't someone post a figure painting howto, based on a layering technique ? I think it was an Orc 25 mm figure/miniature. Can't seem to find it - does anyone have a link to it by any chance ? Thanks Cheers Cobraleader
  13. cobraleader

    Legioss AFC-01H ETA

    G'Day All, This will be an out of the box build of Wave's 1/72 Legioss AFC-01H ETA.
  14. cobraleader

    Macross Destroid Defender

    G'Day All, Next entry is the Arii 1/100 Macross Destroid Defender.
  15. cobraleader

    Macross Destroid Spartan

    G'Day All, Bit of a late start, but here I go. This is the BanDai 1/72 Macross Destroid Spartan kit. It will be built straight from the box.
  16. cobraleader

    Airfix Sea King

    G'Day All, Well, finally got around to building something for the group build. This is a conversion of the reboxed Airfix Westland Sea King AEW.Mk2/ASaC.Mk7 into a Mk.50 Royal Australian Navy. I'll be scratchbuilding an interior, re-scribing panel lines and rivets and using Hawkeye Model...
  17. cobraleader

    Desert Dio WIP

    G'Day All, Now the comp is over, time to return to previous projects. Currently building a diorama of the 82nd Airbourne. This is the dragon kit of the Modern 82nd Airbourne - I thought it was WWII 82nd Airbourne when I brought it sight unseen :o. I've decided to do a desert diorama, set in...
  18. cobraleader

    What now ?

    G'Day All, Now that the Online Comp is over, what is everyone planning to work on now ? Over here in Australia, I'm looking forward to the local Hobby Expo in August. Have a number of projects that were put on hold for the duration of the Online Comp. I'll be working on Macross YF-19, Iraq...
  19. cobraleader

    Savoia Marchetti SM.81

    G'Day All, Last entry for now 1/72 SuperModel Savoia Marchetti SM.81
  20. cobraleader

    Macross Tactical Pod Regult

    G'Day All, 2nd Entry 1/72 Ban Dai Tactical Pod Regult Thanks cheers Mark