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  1. Ohm

    Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale

    Found a plastic utility van at the thrift store for .99¢. 2 AA batteries in the bottom will make all the lights turn on with a dual option switch. I tested this circuit and it still works! Disassembly to prep for primer and paint. Then painting the safety red/orange along the bottom. I...
  2. Ohm

    Bruja de Brazo Largo atop of biped Doblecorn

    Happy Halloween Samhain I kitbashed a Masterbox kit in 1/35 for this quick 2-day build, Friday and Saturday. Thanks for looking.
  3. Ohm

    Historical Construction Equipment galleries

    Historical Construction Equipment Association. I was a member for years which included Equipment Echoes. They have online galleries at this link. It's a rabbit hole for those interested in this subject so make some coffee and time.
  4. Ohm

    COVID - Drive thru testing

    Drive thru testing opened up today in 1/35-1/32. ICM, ARII, and MENG kits were used for this. Thanks for looking.
  5. Ohm

    Su Tissue of Suburban Lawns - a kit-mash incedent - man the manipulator

    Su Tissue of Suburban Lawns. This figure kit-mash are parts from Masterbox kits. The hair is epoxy putty.
  6. Ohm

    WTT Trade Academy Merkava II with KMT Mine Roller for Academy Mk.III in the USA

    I'm looking for the Academy Merkava Mk.III kit to trade for my Academy Merkava II with KMT Mine Roller. Each pays for shipping so this should be in the USA Complete kit and unstarted
  7. Ohm

    The Dark Knight Bat Pod in 1/25 by Moebius > WIP

    All images are here until this all gets properly sorted: box art front (top) box art back (bottom) This is the plastic model by Moebius "The Dark Knight Bat-Pod" in 1/25. A (small) box at 9.5" X 6" X 1.5". Assembly begins with the Frame halves (22, 23) and Engine part (24). The next...