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  1. LrdSatyr8

    Where did the bookmarks go?

    I dunno what happened but it seems as if all my bookmarks have disappeared. I click on the bookmarks link and all I get is the main forum listing! Did something go wrong with the link or did all the bookmarks get erased?
  2. LrdSatyr8

    New Stickers for the DeAgostini Falcon

    Just to let everyone know... I've put together some printable new stickers for the Falcon that look a lot better then the ones that came with the kit... you can get them for free here and print them up to use on your kit: Here's a sample of the differences:
  3. LrdSatyr8

    Latest Star Wars News

    Latest Star Wars News... The release date of Episode 7: The Force Awakens has been moved up to May the 4th to coincide with Star Wars day to please the fans and to honor the release dates of the original trilogy releases which were all released in May. Rejoice my felllow Star Warsians! The time...
  4. LrdSatyr8

    Satyr's DeAgostini Millenium Falcon Build

    Hey all... I don't know if you have heard, but I'm pretty sure you have. But for those that haven't... there's a kit company out of the UK called DeAgostini. They have basically focused on wooden ships, race cars, motorcycles, etc. They've been around for over 100 years. Anyway, the models...
  5. LrdSatyr8

    New Star Wars EpVII Trailer Leaked!!
  6. LrdSatyr8

    New MF pics release for EpVII
  7. LrdSatyr8

    Prepainted Snap-Together Kits... WHY?

    Who suggested to Revell that releasing a model kit that was prepainted and snap together was a good idea? I mean COME ON! Most of the fun of this hobby is gluing and painting and now they took that away from us? I know I could deal with some of the snap-together kits that AMC/Ertl put out...
  8. LrdSatyr8

    What I have been doing? You won't believe this!!

    Hey all... been out of it for awhile... been a tough year lately and it doesn't help when your main PC's 3 hard drives all want to crash at the same time! Well... just to let everyone know, I've been keeping myself busy and building I guess you could say a model of sorts. I kinda stepped out...
  9. LrdSatyr8

    What would you like to see as a model kit?

    I started this thread several years ago on the RPF and thought I would start it up again here. For years I have waited and waited for so many model kits to come out that just never did. AMT/MPC made most of the Star Wars kits that we still use today, but there were so many ships that I would...
  10. LrdSatyr8

    Classic Uber Detailed MPC R2-D2/C-3PO Entry

    Ok all... I couldn't get the Ecto-1 finished in time so I submit this into the All Open catagory. It's the original R2 and 3PO MPC kits built onto a single base. The key factor here was that no one thought you could fit all the lighting electronics up under the head dome of R2, but I did it...
  11. LrdSatyr8

    Robot Combat League

    Ok... I don't know about the rest of you but this is my new all time favorite show to watch on TV now and I just hope they make model kits out of these bots becaue I would love to build them all! How many of you feel the same way?
  12. LrdSatyr8

    Transparent Paints

    I've been struggling with this for quite awhile and finally came up wit ha solution that seems to work very well! Using what I have in my office, I found that if you take some Future Floor Wax and add a few drops of liquid ink jet refill ink to it you can create a very nice transparent paint...
  13. LrdSatyr8

    Polar Lights Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    SMA Big Spring Contest Build Entry: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 from Polar Lights Builder: James "LrdSatyr8" Davis Ok all here's my entry for the Big Spring contest. The Ecto-1 from Polar Lights. It appears to be a snap-together, however, that won't stop me from making this puppy look outrageous...
  14. LrdSatyr8

    Enterprise at 1:Billionth scale

    Thought you all would get a kick out this. You think that tiny shuttle you made for your Enterprise is small... take a look at this bad boy. It's so small you can only see it with an eletron microscope and it's the entire 1701-D... at only 8.8 micrometers! Sure the main saucer section is...
  15. LrdSatyr8

    1:1 Full Working Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78 Kuratas

    Ok all... not sure exactly where to post this, but I thought everyone would find this totally cool. I was surfing Youtube recently and found out there's a company in Japan that has made a full working gundam suit that you can buy and have customized for yourself. Has fully working cockpit with...
  16. LrdSatyr8

    Model Kit Sprue Database

    Is there a site or a database out there that shows all the pieces that are on a sprue for an individual kit that you can look up? Would be nice! Like say for example I buy a kit online and it comes in pieces, I want to make sure I have all the pieces that came with the kit. It would be nice...
  17. LrdSatyr8

    INT: May Sell my AT-ST Probuild

    I am racking my brain here trying to come up wih some money, but wanted to know if anyone might be interested in buying this AT-ST I built awhile back. Since i lost my job, I've been having to sell off my collection of Star Wars stuff. Problem is, I don't have any idea what this would be...
  18. LrdSatyr8

    FS: Classic MPC/AMT/Ertl Star Wars/Star Trek kits

    I've got a bunch of model kits for sale if anyone is interested, please make me an offer. I'll ship anywhere, but buyer must pay for the shipping after its been shipped. I prefer FedEx or UPS for tracking. I'm sure we'll be able to come to any arrangement. 1. AMT/Ertl - EP1 Trade Federation...
  19. LrdSatyr8

    Forum HTML problem?

    I don't want to cause any problems or make anyone think bad of this site... I love this site... But something I noticed just the other day is that if I leave this site open on my desktop it will eventually slow down and cause my browser to lock up. May take a couple of days, but it does. It...
  20. LrdSatyr8

    Classic MPC C-3PO and R2-D2 uber detail build: Completed!

    I started this project thread on another site but thought you all might like to see it here. C-3PO Build ----------- Hey all.. I started this project awhile back but recently decided to bring it out of the box and finish it up. What I plan to do is create the classic R2/3PO standing poses...