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  1. Capt_Taggert

    TOS brige parts

    I'm looking to complete my half circle TOS bridge and need 3 panels to finish it. Does anyone have the 3 panels I need?
  2. Capt_Taggert

    Colonial Vipers 2 ship formation

    I've completed the viper project just in time for an upcoming show. You can see photos on my flickr page: The ships light up independently via the two switches on the front. It's powered by a 9v power supply. I'm pretty pleased.[email protected]/
  3. Capt_Taggert

    2 ship vipers

    These photos are the WIP on the 2 ship viper project. The base is a shadow box with 2 buttons and a plug for a 9v power supply. The top of the base is an image iI found on deviantart and converted it to fit in the square box. I've completed this and if i get time tonight will shoot a picture of...
  4. Capt_Taggert

    Cylon Raider

    Thanks it's been a fun project. I'm Currently working on a two ship Viper formation base. Sadly i won't have a sound board for this one. I'll post photos tonight.
  5. Capt_Taggert

    1:24 Back To The Future I Delorean Time Machine

    Seriously cool! Great job all around. Love the lighting.
  6. Capt_Taggert

    Cylon Raider

    Here's the link to the youtube video of the build.
  7. Capt_Taggert

    Cylon Raider

    I can't take credit for the woodworking i bought a flag case at Hobby Lobby and modified it. I added a custom sound board with 4 buttons that play the Battlestar theme and some sound clips of cylons. I'll get pics of those buttons and shoot some video of the sounds. i'll post the video on youtube.
  8. Capt_Taggert

    uploading photos

  9. Capt_Taggert

    Cylon Raider

    Nearly done with the Cylon Raider base. Switches light up LED's in the model and the base. Thinking about putting in a voltmeter on the side or maybe have a friend laser engrave the cylon logo. Photos can be found on my flickr site:[email protected]/
  10. Capt_Taggert

    uploading photos

    Very helpful video but I don't have the "attach" option on the bottom of the post reply page.
  11. Capt_Taggert

    Model bases

    I've completed two models recently, an early Cylon Raider and a Colonial Viper Mk II. They're wired for lighting. what I'm looking for is idea's for the bases. I have a Radio Shack plastic project box that i used to make a base for another model, but can't find them anymore and would like to try...
  12. Capt_Taggert

    NX-01 Polar Lights 1/350

    Nice work!
  13. Capt_Taggert

    Monogram Cylon Raider

    Hmm. I know I put them there. Give it another try.
  14. Capt_Taggert

    Monogram Cylon Raider

    Give it another try
  15. Capt_Taggert

    Monogram Cylon Raider

    I finally finished the Monogram Cylon Raider. I stared this back in January but got slowed down when my wife entered the hospital. She's out now but was in and out for several months. I rebuilt the engines and added LEDs to the model. I'm not sure how to upload photos here so head on over to my...
  16. Capt_Taggert

    Grendels lighting Tutorials

    I'm digging these tutorials! I've been playing around with the 4060 chip and having a ball coming up with differerent blink rates. My only trouble is converting what i have on the breadboard to a board i can put in the model. do you have a digram for the completed 4060 board i can use to make my...
  17. Capt_Taggert

    Cylon Raider engines

    Thanks guys. love the help. This gives me some great ideas to start with.
  18. Capt_Taggert

    source for fiber optics

    Fiber Optics I get all mine from here.
  19. Capt_Taggert

    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome from a fellow Iowan. Just down the road from you in Iowa City.
  20. Capt_Taggert

    Here is how I started my monday morning

    That's rough. Good to know you're ok, that's what matters. It's been a tough winter, hang in there.