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    1:20 Tamiya Mclaren MP4/8 - European Grand Prix

    Built this last year during quarantine. First F1 model I had built in about 15 years. This kit had been sitting in in a box in the garage since before my first child was born. I had always wanted to complete this kit just as I have. I did not complete the engine, and glued the cowling...
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    1:48 Tamiya F-14A - V33 Starfighters

    This was built for my father, with a few special touches as well. First the pilot figure has been painted to look like him and reflect his favorite football program. The VF-33 decals were chosen because in June of 1981 the starfighters began using the F-14. That is significant because I was his...
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    My first Armor Kit - DAK Panzer III

    I considered painting them steel before the hairspray, but went against it. Now I'm wishing I didn't. Oh well, live and learn.
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    My first Armor Kit - DAK Panzer III

    Found this kit at a garage sale over the summer and thought I'd give it a shot. Started with a base of Tamiya Red Primer, then a quick pass with German Grey. On top of the hairspray, I used AK paint, and then started chipping. Considering this is my first time chipping anything, I think it...
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