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  1. blakeh1

    F-4B Phantom II VF-111 "Sundowners" NL 201- Tamiya 1/48

  2. blakeh1

    Vallejo Paints

    Thanks! I will have to give that a try I had since came across a post elsewhere that where someone had come up with a match to the original FS color swatch using and of course the same thing with Vallejo...
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    Vallejo Paints

    I picked up some paint for the F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Everything I saw says to use "LIght Gull Grey" FS 16440/36440 (as far as I can tell, the same color, but the 1 in 16440 indicating Gloss vs the 3 in 36440 being matte) I could not find a direct Tamiya equivalent since that is my preferred paint...
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    Marvel Crisis Protocol

    yeah, the box art definitely does not do them justice They went with green haired comics version of Gamora I tried to go more like the movie versions paint wise
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    F-4B Phantom II VF-111 "Sundowners" NL 201- Tamiya 1/48

    Excellent work! What paint/color did you use for the Light Gull Grey? I seen a lot of things how FS36440 and FS16440 are the same, but one if flat and the other gloss, however, all the FS36440 paints seem too tan I am painting one of these now and have been trying to settle on the best color
  6. blakeh1

    Marvel Crisis Protocol

    Some Wakanda and Guardians Okoye and Black Panther and the Daughters of Thanos Nebula and Gamora MIght take a stab at seeing if I can redo Gamora's armor. Painting white is had to get clean looking for me
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    Star Wars AAT Tank (1/47)

    Nice work! I love the Star Wars legion stuff
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    Marvel Crisis Protocol

    Luke Cage, Domino and Iron FIst ignore the chip in Like's hand from when I dropped it. I have since repainted it, just did not fell like taking more pics
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