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    Snowspeeder in progress

    I am working on my second kit. I was going really slowly, but decided perfect is the enemy of good and pushed forward. Just put on a pledge clear coat and am getting ready to do the decals.
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    List of new tooling?

    Hey fellow addicts, Is there a good place to find an list toolings from major manuifacturers? I scalemates will give you a history, but is there a place that complies new tooling by year? Thanks!
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    Bandai little A Wings

    These were fun and very relaxing
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    Thinners/mineral spirits

    Are these the same thing? I bought the Mona Lisa for modeling and the mineral spirits for woodworking. Could I just have bought the mineral spirits?
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    Application of Liquid Mask

    Hey scale modelers, I have been experimenting with liquid mask (I use the Vallejo version) and I like it. I have been applying with with some crappy old brushes. It tends to ruin them daily quickly. Do you have tips on cleaning a brush or a better material to use? thanks!
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    Model kit question...

    This is not a work in progress post. I am curious about different model kits. I have tried a few major brands (Tamiya, Hasegawa, Academy, Airfix) and like them all. One thing I like about Airfix is that they always come with two things I like: - Option for raised gear - A pilot The thing I do...
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    Trouble with panel liner/enamel thinner

    I have a question about panel liner and enamel thinner. I have made the same mistake a few times now. I am mostly making model aircraft. On this P-38, I painted it with Vallejo acrylic brush paint. Then I coated it with Tamiya TS-13 clear. I did the decals and then another coat of TS-13. I let...
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    Trouble with gloss coat and enamel thinner

    HI All, I am new to this forum and new to modeling. I started it as my "pandemic hobby" about a year ago, and I am learning so much. There is one problem that has cropped up several times and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I was making this P-38j from Italieri and it was going ok. I had...