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  1. Capt_Taggert

    TOS brige parts

    I'm looking to complete my half circle TOS bridge and need 3 panels to finish it. Does anyone have the 3 panels I need?
  2. Capt_Taggert

    Colonial Vipers 2 ship formation

    I've completed the viper project just in time for an upcoming show. You can see photos on my flickr page: The ships light up independently via the two switches on the front. It's powered by a 9v power supply. I'm pretty pleased.[email protected]/
  3. Capt_Taggert

    2 ship vipers

    These photos are the WIP on the 2 ship viper project. The base is a shadow box with 2 buttons and a plug for a 9v power supply. The top of the base is an image iI found on deviantart and converted it to fit in the square box. I've completed this and if i get time tonight will shoot a picture of...
  4. Capt_Taggert

    Cylon Raider

    Nearly done with the Cylon Raider base. Switches light up LED's in the model and the base. Thinking about putting in a voltmeter on the side or maybe have a friend laser engrave the cylon logo. Photos can be found on my flickr site:[email protected]/
  5. Capt_Taggert

    Model bases

    I've completed two models recently, an early Cylon Raider and a Colonial Viper Mk II. They're wired for lighting. what I'm looking for is idea's for the bases. I have a Radio Shack plastic project box that i used to make a base for another model, but can't find them anymore and would like to try...
  6. Capt_Taggert

    Monogram Cylon Raider

    I finally finished the Monogram Cylon Raider. I stared this back in January but got slowed down when my wife entered the hospital. She's out now but was in and out for several months. I rebuilt the engines and added LEDs to the model. I'm not sure how to upload photos here so head on over to my...
  7. Capt_Taggert

    Cylon Raider engines

    I'm not sure where to post this but figured this was a good place to start. I picked up a very old Cylon Raider kit, Monogram dated 1978. I've been thinking about lighting it but the engines look terrible. Anyone have any ideas as to making better looking engines? [attachment deleted by admin]
  8. Capt_Taggert

    Viper Mk 1cockpit and decals

    I picked up an original Viper Mk 1 which has no cockpit and the decals were so badly damaged they're beyond use. Does anyone have a source for the decals and for cockpit photos or reference material?
  9. Capt_Taggert

    foiling aircraft

    Hey all I'm going to try my at foiling an airplane. I've been reading up on it and want to know how to cut the foil. do you use and exacto knife, scissors or what? Bare Metal foil is easy as it has a cardboard backing but tinfoil doesn't. What a good solution to getting a clean cut?
  10. Capt_Taggert

    Iron Man lighting

    I'm looking for some advice on lighting Iron Man specifically the repulsors in the hands. The chest and head areas are easy but i'm struggling with the hand repulsors. Any suggestions? That space is so small. I've tried 1mm leds but they don't quite fit. I can fit fiber in there but it doesn't...
  11. Capt_Taggert

    Boy do I need help!

    I'm currently building a Blue Thunder Helicopter. It has to be the worst kit I've ever worked on. The fit on most of the parts was aweful. Anyway I've attached a pic of the canopy which i'm having trouble. It's scratched and fogged pretty bad (not my doing it came that way). Not only that but...
  12. Capt_Taggert

    Photoetch prep

    Do you have to prep photoetch before cutting or painting it. Do you need to clean it or prime it?
  13. Capt_Taggert

    Viper MK VII

    All done! I got as part of SMA's Secret Santa. LED's light up the engines and cockpit. [attachment deleted by admin]
  14. Capt_Taggert

    Hope It Don't Snow Show

    I attended the Hope It Don't Snow Show in Rochester Mn this past weekend. I entered 3 models and got a Gold for a Klingon Bird of Prey and a Bronze for a 1/8 scale Revell Mummy. I picked up a Creature From The Black Lagoon kit and a kit of "Little Nellie" of James Bond fame. [attachment...
  15. Capt_Taggert

    Fleacon 2013

    Our scale model show Fleacon will be held April 27 2013 at Landmark Aviation at the Eastern Iowa Airport, Cedar Rapids Iowa. Check out the flyer for more info. [attachment deleted by admin]
  16. Capt_Taggert

    LED question

    I've got a photoetch cockpit for the Viper Mk VII, it's got holes for leds to backlight the cockpit. How do I secure the Led's to the cockpit, tape, CA glue? Do I put the LED's in from the outside or the inside of the cockpit?
  17. Capt_Taggert

    Desert Dirt

    A couple of years ago I made a trip to the Desert Southwest. While there, I picked up come desert dirt in a used water bottle and brought it home to use on scale model projects. I'm getting low on the dirt and it doesn't look like i'll be returning there soon so if anyone who lives out there...
  18. Capt_Taggert

    LED sources

    This topic is probably out there somewhere, I just couldn't find it. What are good sources for LED's? Radio Shack is just too expensive.
  19. Capt_Taggert

    Wall wart plug

    Hey all, Happy New Year. I have a wall wart transformer that i'm using for a project but need the plug that I can fit to a box so I can plug the transformer into. Does anyone know where you get them?
  20. Capt_Taggert

    1/72 X-15 decals

    Does anyone have decals from Revell's 1/72 Scale X-15? I tore the USAF decal off the top wing and there's no way to repair it.