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  1. sanford12

    Tamiya M26 Pershing

    Had so much rainy weather lately that I broke out a kit that was for the fall. A M26 Pershing. Needs it's flat clear and a little touch up but it's pretty much done. It's a another great model from Tamiya.
  2. sanford12


    Here's the latest build. I have say this kit from 2016 has outstanding panel fit and was a fun build. The decals were good but the big red meatballs were pretty thick as decals go. The main thing left to do is the canopy frame's and there's lot of them. Can't find a masking in stock kit but I've...
  3. sanford12

    Hasegawa 1/32 scale F6F

    Here's my F6F. Still needs some finishing touches and waiting on the rubber tires. The front windscreen fitment will need some adjustment so it's not fixed in place yet. Also I'm looking at making a better gunsight.
  4. sanford12

    3 new 1/32 planes.

    Started the Hasegawa F6F first. It will be followed a Hasagawa's latest version of the Zero then Trumpeters 262. This is a slow modeling time for me. Be spending a lot more time outside. It'll be a slow roll on the F6F. May finish it before summer. They all look like very nice kits
  5. sanford12

    A couple of 1/35 tank builds

    A Tamiya Walker Bulldog and a Lindberg Line T-55. I'll stick with quality kits like the Tamiya over Lindberg. Better fit more and finer detail and easier build with the Tamiya The Tamiya was the cheaper kit and came with 3 figures.
  6. sanford12

    A little bit of a rant

    Ordered a Hasegawa F6F and a Trumpeter 262 from well know model supplier then ordered a Hasegawa new mold Zero from Japan. All were ordered a day apart with the Zero being ordered a day after the other 2. The model from Japan will be here before the the 2 from the US are even mailed. I guess I'm...
  7. sanford12

    Heng Long 1/16 RC Tiger 1 early

    This is my first foray back to modeling since 1982-83. That was a F-15C and probably my best effort. While this isn't a real build but it's a start. Here's it is as it came. Well pretty much. It was a terrible blue grey so I painted it luftwaffe grey which is much closer to what it would of...
  8. sanford12

    A return to modeling after near 40 years

    My last and the best was a F-15C. Laid off in the 80's with time on my hands. My return is a just finished Heng Long RC 1/16 Tiger 1 early version. Glad to be back to modeling. A B-25 is up next.