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    Chipping Techniques

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    AFV 1/35th FV101 Kit Review

    Hmm... he's pretty good in my opinion I learn some cool stuff from his videos.
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    AFV 1/35th FV101 Kit Review

  4. MzzStarrBish

    AFV 1/35th FV101 Kit Review

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    Revell 1/48th IAI Kfir C2 Kit Review

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    Zvezda 1/48th Yak-130 Kit Review

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    Hobbyboss 1/35 VK4502 (P) Hintern Kit Review

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    Masking 101 on Charlie the Tank

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    BF109 F4 1/48 Kit Review

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    Beginner tips for modeling and what you would need.

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    Basic Decalling

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    Shelby Mustang Kit review video

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    P47D Thunderbolt build

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