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  1. Mr.Max

    FOR SALE: Bandai Star Wars Kits

    Hello my fellow modeling addicts! It's good to be back again and I have some yummy deals for you guys and gals! Once again I've purchased more then I can realistically get to and with other projects demanding my attention, I've got stuff for sale. These are priced to move!! 1). 1/144 X-Wing...
  2. Mr.Max

    Wondering About the AMT F/A-18A Hornet Kit.

    I like the marking options in the recent offering of this kit, the "Death Rattlers" marking are nice! So, is it worth the buy? Is it a bug-a-bear with fit issues? Raised or recessed panel lines? Decals in register? Cockpit or blank hole?
  3. Mr.Max

    Colors For Martian Camouflage?

    Hello all, I have re-activated my hover tank kitbash project and have decided it's going to be something used on Mars. I was wondering what paints would make for good Martian camouflage, it turns out Mars isn't 100% red and I'm thinking light tawny brown and reddish-brown. What say you? :-\
  4. Mr.Max

    Question About SR-71 Pilot Suits

    One of my many projects is the 1/72 R-M SR-71 Blackbird, the instructions state that the pressure suits the pilots wore should be painted orange and I've seen photos confirming that. I've also seen their pressure suits a silvery color, which is correct? Were both silver and orange suits used or...
  5. Mr.Max

    The Annoying All White Backgrounds or Lack of Publishing Style

    This is a bit of a rant, so please forgive and bear with me. I don't know about you guys but I have a pet peeve when it comes to hobby magazines these days, am I the only one who is annoyed by this growing trend of horribly bland, all-white backgrounds models are placed? I'm very, VERY annoyed...
  6. Mr.Max

    Odd Request: mpc TIE Interceptor Wing Panels Needed, Please.

    Hello fellow SMA posters, I am searching for a spare set of mpc TIE Interceptor wing panels (parts 7 and 8, left and right) any of you might have left over from a conversion, I really goofed mine up. :-[ So, if you just happen to have those parts sittin' around with no other use, I wouldn't...
  7. Mr.Max

    Super Flat Coat From A Can

    I've discovered this neat little trick for a super flat clear coat, don't know if any of you cats have already found this out. Before I lay down any decals if first give the model a clear coat of Krylon Crystal Clear (1303) once dry, decal application and another coat of Krylon Clear. Once...
  8. Mr.Max

    Kitbashing Drone Tank, Chassis Needed

    Hey guys and gals, today I sat down with my Bits Box and an Oral-B dental floss dispenser to see what I could come up with. Every time I finish off one of these smooth, rounded floss boxes I think what I could do with it, I decided it's going to be a sci-fi drone tank go with a tank...
  9. Mr.Max

    1/32 scale F-5E VFC-111 "Sundowners" Declas Needed

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I can purchase decals for the current Sundowners mount, the F-5E separately and if so, who has them in 1/32 scale? I've decided to keep the 1993 Revell AG issue (Hasegawa) F-5E kit, no one wants it when I offer it up even with the super nice Black Box resin upgrade...
  10. Mr.Max

    Looking For "Ivy Green" for 1966 Shelby Mustang GT 350H

    I've decided to paint my '66 Mustang GT 350H in Ivy Green for a club project, however, on top of getting to a late start I'm still looking for a lesser used/seen color for a 350H. (Hertz Rent-A-Car variant) I understand Ivy Green varies greatly with each auto manufacturer's paint shop. The...
  11. Mr.Max

    Polar Lights' Mystery Machine, What Scale Is This Kit?

    I might be shooting myself in the foot for even bring this question up, much less actually building the kit! However, it will NOT be in the lurid, hippy colors those "meddling kids" painted it! :P I'm just curious to know, what scale is this kit in? I ask because I'd like to track down some...