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  1. bartekk

    Warhammer Titan

    Hi, I'd like to present you a some robo guy from Warhammer game.
  2. bartekk

    Kubelwagen 1:35 /Gallery/

    Hello, It's a model from Tamiya with Voyager's PE After painting Hope you like it ;)
  3. bartekk

    German E-100 /1:35/

    Hello there ;) It's a Trumpeter's kit with some addons like Friulmodel tracks, metal barrel and schackels etc. I also resculpt armor texture and welds. and compare to M1 Abrams
  4. bartekk

    PzKpfw I DAK /1:72/

    Hi there, Here is my PzKpfw I from Afrika Korps. At my blog You can find a building log of this one.
  5. bartekk

    Gibson Les Paul 1959 Left Handed /Scratch/

    Hi, Today I would like to present a unusual model. It's a fully scratch build Les Paul guitar in 1:10 scale. In my opinion most important beauty in history of rock music :)
  6. bartekk

    Mercedes 770K in Wechrmaht service

    Hi there, It's a nice looking kit by ICM. ;)
  7. bartekk

    /Gallery/Rusty Panther 1:35 ICM

    Hello there, ICM model with some other stuff like Dragon wheels, some Aber's PE etc. Thx fo watching :D
  8. bartekk

    M-41 /Tamiya 1:35/

    ;) Old but still nice Tamiya kit. Earlier I built old T-62, this one kit looks for a similar. Painting is already started. Maybe you know some interesting photos of M-41 in ARVN service?
  9. bartekk

    Polish Artillery Tractor C7P /Gallery/

    So, here it is. Creepy kit from Mirage Hobby.
  10. bartekk

    Polish Artillery Tractor C7P /1:35 Mirage/

    Hi there ;) One more from me Hope you like it ;D
  11. bartekk

    /1:35/ Red Voroshilov

    Hi Folks ;) One more from me. Well known model from Trumpeter + RB barell and RB shackles. Model represents hypothetical look of tank during factory work. ;)
  12. bartekk

    26th Nationwide Modelling Review in Warsaw

    Hi there, I put at my blog some pics from 26th Nationwide Modelling Review in Warsaw. Check rest here ;)
  13. bartekk

    KV-2 /Trumpeter 1:35/

    Hello guys, I just finished my new KV in winter style ;) and a historic one: Hope u like it, cheers, Bartek
  14. bartekk

    SBS - painting soviet armor and winter camouflage

    Hi, I would like to invite you to check SBS about painting soviet armor and winter camouflage at my blog ;) Link below: If you feel that it is not ok to hot link i will put it whole here Cheers, Bartek
  15. bartekk

    M47 Patton "Retired General" /1:35 Italeri/

    Hey, Maybe you remember this one from workbench. Now it's finally finished. ;)
  16. bartekk

    Captured Kv-1 /Hobby Boss 1.48/

    Hello there ;) I would like to present my new panzer ::) And with older mate :)
  17. bartekk

    SW-4 Puszczyk 1/48 Aeroplast

    SW-4 "Puszczyk" is a new type of manufactured in Poland chopper. Major recipient is Polish Air Force, SW-4 is using for training of new cadets. Kit is from Polish producer Aeroplast in popular 1/48 scale. Model looks really good and fits nice. ;)
  18. bartekk

    Captured 7TP /1:35 Mirage/

    Hi Folks! The 7TP (seven tons, Polish) is a Polish light tank of Second World War time. A development of the British Vickers 6-ton, it was significantly better armed than its most common opponents, the German Panzer I and Panzer II. A standard tank of the Polish Army during the Polish Defensive...
  19. bartekk

    Albatros D.II 1/48 Eduard

    Until this time I presented only my AFV models. But still my main modeling subject is aviation. I just need right attitude ;D
  20. bartekk

    Winter KV-1 /Tamiya/ 1:48

    Hello guys, I was busy at university, but here I started my new production. That Tamiya kit is really pretty. :D