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  1. fubar

    Help.....San Giorgio

    I have a request from a friend in the computer games mod making world, he is trying to find as much info on the Italian Heavy Cruiser San Giorgio e.g. photos, dimensions or better yet a set of blue prints. So far he has found very little of use and asked me if i knew anyone that could help point...
  2. fubar

    Word Bearers Land Raider

    Hi all. Been a while since I last posted but thought i'd share my current project and ask for some advice to boot! I know this isn't really what this forum normally has but it is a tank and so I figured its better here than in the sci-fi forum but if needed feel free to move it. For those...
  3. fubar


    Hi I am currently working on painting a tank and im trying to use Vallejo game color through my airbrush but im having real problems with it clogging on the needle and bottom of the cup. I normally only use my AB for undercoating, and i use the Vallejo Air undercoats without any problems, so...
  4. fubar

    New SM minis WIP

    Just a few snaps of my latest project, a Space Marine Chapter of my own creation called the Sky Drakes. Plan is for them to use Ravenguard tactics so there will be assault squads soon, once money allows :P Still working on a chapter symbol, need something that fits with the name but is...
  5. fubar

    Zenithal highlights

    Here is my first try at zenithal highlights using an airbrush.....i had real problems spraying just a small area of the mini, if i lowered my PSI too far the paint started to splatter....if i raised it then i started to loose control and just painted the whole mini instead. Not the best pics...
  6. fubar

    How to achieve a weathered look on minis?

    Hi all I am in the process to starting a new WH40K army of renegade Space Marines, not one of the old traitor Legions but a warband made up of marines who have only just abandoned their various Chapters and lead by one of The Fallen. The look im after is one of defaced/worn/damaged suits of...
  7. fubar

    Paint conversion app?

    Can anyone recommend a good iphone or android app that converts makes of paint e.g. Citadel to Vallejo? I have tried a few of the free apps so far but they all seem to have bugs or are incomplete. Thanks in advance for any help. TTFN
  8. fubar

    Airbrushing question

    I am in the process of painting up some Realm of Battle terrain boards, yesterday i started undercoating them using aerosol cans of Citadel Black undercoat, i set up an 8' x 8' masked area on the floor in my garage to paint the 2' x 2' board sections one at a time, figuring that was ample...
  9. fubar

    Help with Citadel Finecast

    Hello all, i am using my first Citadel Finecast figure and have a problem with it. As you can see from the picture the models melee weapon is bent forwards instead of straight, i did try to straighten it by just gently bending it but this finecast stuff is soooo soft it just springs back into...
  10. fubar

    Dark Angel Land Raider

    Firstly im not sure if this should be in the Armour forum instead.....if so let me know and i'll get it moved. This is a Land Raider for my small but growing Dark Angels army, i'm hoping to use this model to further my practice with washes and to get back into the swing of using an...
  11. fubar

    Using Citadel paints in an airbrush.

    Hi all. I plan to start making one of the larger Games Workshop models soon, a Land Raider to be exact, and i was wondering if using Citadel paints in an airbrush is a good idea or not for a novice like me! I know that Games Workshop claim they are ok for airbrush use, but then they would...
  12. fubar

    How to sculpt with Citadel Greenstuff

    I want to give my Dark Angels vets some tabards so they look more like the Black Templars sword brethren.....can anyone point me in the direction of a good youtube/website guide on sculpting with Games Workshop's green stuff modelling putty? Or can anyone recommend an alternative to green stuff...
  13. fubar

    Stripping paint safely.

    Hi all. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what they use to strip paint from plastic models safely without melting or damaging the plastic underneath. I ask because i've been given a Games Workshop Carnifex but the last owner had started to paint it up, i want to paint it in my Hive...
  14. fubar

    Dark Angels GW minis

    Hi all i'm a returning member, took a break due to health and i'm getting back into the hobby thanks to a friend talking me into joining a small WH40K tourney in a few months time.....hence my choice of models. Hoping to get back into my bigger scale stuff too. I've not painted figures like...
  15. fubar

    Star Wars The Old Republic

    Hi all I just got this game today and was wondering if there are any other players here on SMA? It would be kinda cool to play with fellow SMA'ers if poss, maybe even make our own guild ;D, i'm playing on a European PvE server (Sluis shipyards i think it's called!) atm but my toon is only low...
  16. fubar

    Metalic pigments

    Hi all I was just wondering what metalic pigments there are available? At the moment the only one i own is AK's Dark Steel, that has a lovely dark shine to it when polished up but i was wondering if there are other metalic colour pigments e.g. copper, gold or bright silver maybe! TTFN Matt
  17. fubar

    Stripping paint from resin

    Hello all I have a project thats all gone a little wrong and i'm wanting to start from scratch if poss. It's a resin kit that has been primered, painted with 3 separate coats of paint, had AK chipping fluids applied and a final coat of paint applied. Is there some way in which i can strip all...
  18. fubar

    Eta-2 starfighter

    Thought i'd have a crack at this kit just as a bit of fun and a good chance to practice my weathering techniques. The kit itself is ok, its one of the pre-painted Revell easykits, this is Obi-Wan's fighter. It went together in about an hour, there were a few problems getting the wings to fix...
  19. fubar

    Vallejo surface primer help

    Just started using Vallejo surface primer black tonight and it's having a hard time in my AB. It seems to dry on the needle tip in seconds, i believe it comes ready mixed for AB use so after a good shake i just dropped some straight in the cup @ about 20 PSI. All seemed well for a few minutes...
  20. fubar

    Klear questions

    I'm just gonna start trying using Klear to seal layers instead of varnish but i just wanted to know what sort of ratios you guys mix it in and with what. I heard that depending on ratio you can get a matt/satin/gloss type finish, is that true? Most if not all the tutorials i've found have been...