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  1. SF_Ziggurat

    Midori Junior Moguras Drill Tank

    Here is a Midori Moguras Jr., one of several Sci-Fi drill tank knock-offs inspired by The Mole from the Thunderbirds TV show. Circa 1967.
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  6. SF_Ziggurat

    Aoshima/Imai Captain Scarlet SPC model

    I never had the courage to tackle those Imai Captain Scarlet figure kits, (or any figures for that matter) so I hope you do build one or more, and please share. Painting figures is a real art! Those Spectrum uniforms were very cool.
  7. SF_Ziggurat

    Aoshima/Imai Captain Scarlet SPC model

    Here is my finished model of the Aoshima Spectrum Patrol Car from the TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons., a reissue based on late-1960s Imai molds.
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  13. SF_Ziggurat

    1972 CB750 racer

    That’s a pretty bike, and an excellent paint job!
  14. SF_Ziggurat

    Back in the game

    It’s funny how so many of us got back into modeling after first experiencing this incredible hobby as a kid. All through my adult life, I kept thinking about how much fun it was, and how much I missed it. So about ten years ago, I said what the hell and got started again. It’s very rewarding...
  15. SF_Ziggurat

    Kitty Hawk and Panda brands are going away

    And there’s always the hundreds of thousands of vintage and modern kits on eBay and elsewhere - some being almost given away - so I don’t picture us running out of subject matter anytime soon! I’ve lived my whole life without a Panda or KittyHawk kit so...
  16. SF_Ziggurat

    My Latest Project

    Humidity and temperature drops are notorious for tampering with paint finishes, and some of the off-shelf spray cans use harsh solvents that can craze paint and plastic. After years of trial and error, I’ve found a system that works most of the time, and this is just for large areas such as...
  17. SF_Ziggurat

    My Latest Project

    That, my friend, is a beauty! An iconic motor vehicle if ever there was one. I especially like your canopy and stripe work. As for orange peel, I’ve been living with that my whole life, so it doesn’t bother me. I think that using similar paint brands may be part of the solution, but finicky...
  18. SF_Ziggurat

    Have you noticed that plastic scale models are a rather expensive hobby these days?

    Men collect toys - well put! What is it about us guys who prefer building our own toys?
  19. SF_Ziggurat

    Have you noticed that plastic scale models are a rather expensive hobby these days?

    The collecting of kits over and beyond what you can reasonably build in a lifetime seems to be an occupational hazard. I have about 100 kits, and I’m considered a lightweight in that area. Somebody on here I think has 5,000 kits in their stash! And does anybody know anyone who builds one kit...
  20. SF_Ziggurat

    Have you noticed that plastic scale models are a rather expensive hobby these days?

    An exemplary mindset, indeed. If more parents brought up their kids to be mature, responsible adults as you did, well then, let us just imagine that world!